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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Mrs Gan here!!! lolololx

I wanna comprain lehh....

Taiwan food hor.. not really all good... only the snacks are delectable...

Me and Eutjin went there for a company incentive trip last yr..... And we found their cze char absolutely rubbish!!!!

Even Me myself on a totally drunken state can cook better!!!!!!!!

It's bland, it's weird, it's plain and it stinks.. especially the veggies...
like as if the chef steamed it under his armpit lidat..

Here's presenting...

Water soup!!!!

Just put some yellow string mushrooms into boiled water and voila!

How about..
Boiled veggie with smelly soy sauce with no taste.....

But fret not....
Instead of going for meals.. why not go snacks all day long???
Like you can snack 6 times a day! Wouldnt that be even better??
SOOOOOOOOOOOO many yummy snacks to look out in Taiwan!!!

So, where do we start... so many night markets to go to!!!

Of coz check out the most famous one la..



People Mountain People Sea!!!

Crowded like noone's business.. and left right centre.. all food!!!!!!!!

Better starve yourself for a whole day before visiting,,.. or else you'll end up sucking your thumb...

Heard of the famous -amous amous crispy chicken chop???
OMG! Check out the queue!! This stall sells 100,000 pieces a day, or so I heard!


The queue like longer than Zouk's... Tsk Tsk... but it was worth it. I tell you!

Crispy and uber addictive!

Yummy soups!!! So many types..

Cant even remember what this one was...
but we had a feast.. check out the spread on the table..

Everyone just potlucked everything together.

Being the KS Singaporean, we all made sure we got to try each and every one that the night market had to offer!!!

Ahha!! Coffin bread... heard before???

Uncle will fry this thick toast bread til crispy, cut it open and filled it up with thick savoury white gravy and a meat of your choice..

So what if it's called coffin bread, it's a definite MUST to TRY!

Very Raw.. very PINK Sausages anyone???
Not for me, thanks!

Smelly Tofu, ok really quite smelly. I don't like... brr..

Ham chi peng, Guo Tiao...
Butterfly .. pillow??? Anyone??

Ok this is something disturbing in the middle fo the food heaven.

Little kids were taught how to torture poor little fishes.. by catching them with dissolvable nets ... Tsk Tsk.. can't they look for non-living thing as a toy???

Anyhow.... that was Shihlin... but other than night markets.. there are countless food stalls along the roads.. you won't go hungry in Taiwan. That's for sure..

Gan just loves Taiwan sausage! So do I.. especially when fried til sooo crispy..

But what's better? Put the special sausage in the middle of another sausage made of glutinous rice and you get Taiwanese HOTDOG!

Taiwanese Beef noodle.
We went to this street that has many eateries selling only beef noodle. It is 5-10 mins walk from Xi Men Ding...
But silly us forgot the name... Brrr...
But anyway, the beef fell off the chopsticks.. So tender and totally degradable.. lol.. I know that's not the right word. But basically it's just soft that grammas and grampas can safely leave their dentures at home.
Don't forget to drain all these good food with Taiwan's own brewed beer. Made in TaiChung:
Taiwan Beer!

Pretty smooth and light. I liked it coz its just so freaking cheap anyway!

How about breakfast and supper places??? Where do we go for post-chionging feast?

Dan Bing and Xiao Long Bao!

Dan Bing plain!

Dan Ping roll with floss!
Yum yum...

They're all so good.. You're gonna get so fat in Taiwan..
Most of the good stuff are fried and oily though.. but don't worry, at least you won't be eating lunches and dinners right??

And sadly, we gained a few kgs in Taiwan, I think, Gan had a whale of time. HE alwayswas seen with some kind of food, anytime of the day..
Oh well, as long as he comes and starts his squash and golf regime and go back to being a hunkydory again.
My husband you know...
Geez. I still can't believe we are actually married..!!!
Ok ok.. I am uploading the ROM photoes... will blog about it ASAP!!!

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At 10:39 PM, Anonymous JayWalk gently snorted that...

Congrats Mrs Gan!

Btw, The coffin is actually tau pok unless they modernised it to bread already.

Also the green can is not Taiwan Beer lah... it's Beer Flavoured Green Tea.

At 12:30 AM, Blogger Marcelly gently snorted that...

ayeee.. ya its now bread liao! modern mah..

ya.. the green can is green tea.. hahahahaha.... lol... the beer can also green but not this one.. saw wrongly.. but well done for spotting!!


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