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Friday, March 20, 2009

Taichung. Got anything there?

Enough deep and complex write-ups.. let's have some brainless banter again.
This time, about our Walton's company trip to Taiwan.

First stop was Tai Chung..

Hmm.. Best view in TaiChung??

is seeing my husband's blur face for breakfast. Heh heh heh..

No, I am just joking.

One of the good things was a freaking private SPA in your own hotel room!!!

Overlooking.. err.. dried grass and shrubs.. but trust me, at night, it was beautiful though!

See.. the night view better... This was a hot spring hotel in TaiChung.. Freshfields.. up up in the hill.. some say the best hotel in TaiChung!!! Ah.. my boss really spoils us all the time..

It has gorgeous view of TaiChung at night..though we all know we're not in TaiChung for the scenery right?

This is my favourite babe Yan Ying. She is a heroine in my heart. One of the loveliest colleague around! Love her..

Daylight view.. ehemm... ok lah.. like Singapore lorr..

At night, it's a bit like HongKong..


There's something else we can't find anywhere else in the world!!!

Little huts with oh-biang lights..

and totally underdressed, pubescent girls!!!



Let's call her up to the coach!

See how swah-ku Singaporeans are? I bet she felt like some monkey in a zoo.. all cameras were whipped out.. and whohooo..

I really wonder if she's freezing..

And after all that effort,, we only bought one box.. coz seriously.. we all bought pin lang for the girls.. right??? the pin lang itself sucks.. I think beer plus ciggarette and if you're in Amsterdam some exotic leaves... sorted..

But tooo bad no such thing as cigarette girls wearing bikinis..

Everywhere we go... we only spot PIN LANG Mei..

And seriously, I can't remember anything else I saw on TaiChung roads...

Ok fine..

Another attractice architecture, other than the pin lang huts..

was the five cents restaurant.

Very famous for its cave-like structures, stalactites and stalacmites.. stones.. water feature romantic lightings....ya di da.

The building totally blew us away..It was amazing..

But too bad.. the food there.. totally blew it ...

and we started wishing we were in an ugly hawker centre wit the best char kway teow with chilli..

Taiwan Cze Char.. SUCKS BIG TIME!

Another wonderful thing happened in TaiChung..

I got to meet up with old friends.. well more like old boyfriend's family and close friends.

But they were still people I practically grew up with and saw me through my hardest days back in Oxford.

They were the boys I shared house with and the boys I pushed supermarket carts loaded with luggage, TV, etc everytime we were kicked out of a rented home..

Also the boys I got drunk with for the first few times..

Also the boys whose guts I used to diss at a lot.

Also the boys who made me who I am today..

Great to see them all grown up now and all matured....

Steve Wu has moved back to Taiwan, bringing his pet dog..

who's all grown up too!!!

Check it out!

Bear VS pug???

Yeee..IT's a bear!!!!

No no...

Actually, it'a Perrier mountain dog. His name is Dollar..

yes... I saw that eye brow raising, stop it!

It's the hugestmongoustest doggie I have ever seen in the whole world..

Trust me I was flabbergasted too.

On the contrary, Dollar is painfully shy and very jovial. He doesn't bark and he is scared of the pug, who's called Lai Fu.

Dollar and Lai Fu... so you get the gist...

Steve used to have a dog called MONEY.

So, yeah.. I thought all Taiwanese like funky names... but he has gone totally material girl.


Ok lah.. more stories coming..

Oh you know I am starting my bakmie stall for my mom soon. Very tiring you know the start-ups.

You've heard of bakmie?? It's not wantan mee, it's not bak chor mee..

It's actually Indonesian noodle.. recipe straight from my lovely mommy.. it's home made too. unlike other noodles which are OEM.

Please visit:

If it intrigues you, do come and give bakmie a try. If you like it, tell your friends =)

Thanks guys!


At 11:14 AM, Anonymous JayWalk gently snorted that...

Most intriqued indeed. Will check the place out since it's pretty near the office.

At 10:46 PM, Anonymous Sleepless in Bangkok gently snorted that...

Nice Dog! Hope taiwan is not too hot for Dollar.
At least its not in Singapore and I did see one in sg last year.

Taichung is mafia land so have many Bing Lang Mei. Chen Shui Bian banned them in Taipei when he was in charge of Taipei before his presidency.


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