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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Walton DND FEB 2009 - Shangrila

I know I know.. I am supposed to be blogging about my Taiwan trip with Walton last Dec..
But Gan is taking forever to upload the photoes.. and I can't wait to show off my pics during my company's WALTON Annual Dinner N Dance !!!!!

So here it is!!!

7 Feb 2009 : 6.30 PM onwards, Theme and Dress Code: Party Like Da 80's!!!!!!!!!!!

I am soooo blessed that I am working for a company that is facing absolutely no recession whatsoever, last year was a record breaking yr for us, returns year on year was surprisingly sterling too.. so far we still have an only-positive ROI track record.

unlike many other financial institutions these days, sadly..

Anyway, also, right now still recruiting.. especially sales consultants (again.. email me if you know anyone from financial sales line looking for a new advanture - only entrepreneurial chiongsters ! )... we are still busy day to day and plans to expand and grow are definitely evident!

But best of all, ...they're still spending ever so lavishly to reward us Waltonians for a fantastic yr in 2008!!!!!...
The food in Shangrila was as good as the ballroom was luxurious... Man... I felt sooooo glam lah...

Even though, most of us looked pretty trashy in our 80's get-ups..But it was worth every minute!!

Before we left house.. must take one with mommy first!!

LOL!!!! Here's the golden girl and Mat Rock Gan!

Damn funny.. I tell you he doesn't have rugged rocker look one.. He still looks soooooo cutesy and innocent!

Nicole, me and Mus... these are some of the people that make everyday at work so wonderfully enjoyable and meaningful!

ZeeLeng, Nic, Joey "Boy George" and me... I think I need to start doing sit ups again.. it's horrifying!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah.. I got sabo-ed to go on stage... for best dressed.. seriously... other people were even more gua zang lor.. I think they sabo me ... Anyway, won a crown.. ok lah.. my prince was the Mario too!! He's from the 80's!! Remember????

Ahhh,,,, The 80's boss!!! My boss is so happening right??? He's the one wearing silver wig.. lolx... 80's rocker!!

We also had our own little Walton band, that needed a little help from the Pros.

Here's Feli ( Team Mgr ) as the other singbird who's amazing by the way!, me and Vitt (our VP of Sales & Ops !!!!)..

On the drum was Alvin from Marketing and Karen (Team Mgr) on keyboard..Cool or cool???
We sang 6 songs from the 80's.. Blast from the past!!!

Black Cat! I love Rock n Roll!

Sweet Child of Mine! Crazy Little Thing Called Love!

Raining Men (Raining Land!) and we ended with WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!

COZ Indeed WE ARE!!!!

It was definitely a night to remember... absolutely looking forward to the next one in 2010 already!!!

It brought many of us even closer together as one big family too.. especially through the road ahead.. where we indeed need to get stronger, get better and get out of this whole downturn even more powerful than ever..

So much positive energy! It was exhilarating.. Such a welcome change from mixing with some of my friends and acquintances who are just a lot more negative about everything.... Brrr...

One of my resolution this year is to spend more time with those with boundless of positive energy... you are bound to receive some of their powerful radiation, hence somehow, can't help but to feel wonderful too!!
I am trying my best to be one of them too so that I can hopefully help people next time.

Look at them!! Happy, smiley and oozing with only joyous vibes... These are some of my positive people!!

That night, Gan also won $150 voucher.. lolx.. Too bad didn't win first price.. got $1,000 plus trip to HK...

But it's OK!!!

Happy New Year again everyone! Today last day to wish!!

Don't let the stupid newspapers and negative stories here and there bog you down.. Recession so what???
You define your own economy and you define your own success, this may be a defining year.. but fight on with all positivities else you may regret!!

Especially during crisis, Opportunities are abound, you just have to be ready to spot and receive them.. are you???

HUAT AH everyone!! Have an OX-picious year!

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