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Saturday, November 07, 2009


Hi Guys!!!

The big day came and went!!

8th August 2009.. Let me tell you the story!

It all starts with the morning. The preparations and of course the gate crashing!

8.30 am it started. Yup we not the pantang type and we are such late wakers that the traditional 5 am wake-up blah blah blah just wouldnt work for us.

Tara is THE make up expert! No doubt! She's gonna turn me into a pretty pretty princess!

Girls busy busy.

Check out my bridesmais. All such hot chiobus... I can't stop saying that I am so blardy blessed with the some of the best babes in the world to be my closest friends!

They made sure I didn't need to lift a finger the last one week before the wedding. They were amazing!
Love you babes!

One last check.. lipstick? check.. eye lash check.. sunshine smile.. CHECK!

I was so anxious by then.

It was around 9.45 already and EU-TJIN IS RUNNING LATE!

The Girls will make sure he is well punished later on...=)

Violet will start with locking the gate! Muahahha..

Meanwhile, Eu-tjin was getting ready...

his brothers!

WAAAAAAAAA... All looking so cool. Just hope they are man enough to endure the next 1 hour.

This is the part the girls enjoy the most, cause we get to torture them.. ahem...
I mean... giv them challenges.. such that they have to work hard to win the bride!

I love this tradition!


First things first!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I don't think they liked the welcome drink!

It was themed " The Moments Me and Gan will spend together"

So --- Sour! Sweet! Bitter and SPicy!!!!!!!!!!

Sour means lots of pomegranate and lime... waaa
I don't know how head bartender CAT mixed the drinks.. but I saw wasabi lemon, chilli and bottles and bottles of alcohol in the kitchen!!!!!!!!!!

This is exactly what Feng, our photographer said; " I've never seen so much alcohol so early on a wedding day!"

More drinks for the boys...

And I suppose Eutjin hated it too... ouch



Ouch!! I don't think the boys liked this one either!

Sorry boys! Wax away!

The girls made them guess quite a few riddles, questions about me and also to pick the right lipstick marks.. I suppose all quite standard huh?

Well, they get it wrong.. DRINK!

they get it right.. DRINK ALSO! But get water afterwards.

How about licking the icecube til the key inside frees itself?

Brilliant idea right? Would have been funny..


Boys being boys, they cheated lah~ They grabbed the icecube and smashed it on the floor.

My basket husband so gangster lah!

My babes were so angry they were guarding the lock and don't let them use the key liao.

Tsk tsk!

After many more negotiations... like angpaos... sweet promises... and love poems..

The girls finally let the Gan man get the bride!

Hmmmm.... such pretty doorb*tches..

(Tara Sandy and Cat)

Meanwhile.. Gan whipped out his sword, battled all the monsters, charged to top of the tower for the damsel in the veil!


Aye.. so happy to see the husband survived the morning..
more importantly still decided to get married and not give up halfway. hahahha..

The Proud Mom and the daughter and the Family! Hohoho!

Check out this next pic!!

Totally COOL la!

Jac Me and Tara, coolest shot in the whole album.

What's with the naturally blown hair all!

Gan and his bride!

And so we are SET!!!






Tummies were grumbling by then!!

BAKMIE HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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