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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Taiwanese Got A1 in Engrisshh Ah?

Here's the much promised bit on making a joke out of Taiwanese..
No offence but they really need help with their English!!

If you go to China, Taiwan, Korea and I bet even Japan.
You can walk around town and spot really hillarious English phrases, either mispelled, misused or totally abused.

It's quite cool to feel that our Engrriisshh is so much better than theirs..

Heck cares people say our Singlish ain't cool, at least we won't fail SATS..

Like the Taiwanese..

They have a roomful of chickens that gets fried.. yikes.. just sounds wrong to me..

They really love confusing themselves...don't they?
Why can't they simply call this place: The Little Chill-out Kiosk or something.. darn it.

Oh.. poor Reebok

With road names like Song bo? and SOng Long? I think out Supermarket Sheng Shiong ain't so bad after all leh!

Oh.. I know it's a bit blurry. But if you see and zoom properly... all the sandwiches all DO come with VEGERTABLE.


Extra Vitamin R!

Oh this is the best.. found at the fisherman's wharf/Lovers Bridge in Taipei..such a touristy place yet such lousy English translators...

We wanna goo pee peee...

soo.. I look for Ladies room..

Ok.. I found LADY..fair enough

GAn looks for........


Hmm.. Now I am not so sure which one is mine. I am pretty sure I am quite gentle too.. If I didn't see wrongly, an old auntie just walked out of the GENTLE room.

But wait til you get the 3rd choice

Nah... My hands not capped.

Really not easy finding the right place to pee pee in Taiwan.. eh?

Please send some of our English teachers to Taiwan already.

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At 8:49 PM, Blogger Plankton McPlank gently snorted that...

HK is full of these posters and signs too! Anyway, there's a blog specially dedicated to engrish,

Goodness what is the world coming to?? :p

At 1:56 AM, Anonymous Geotacs gently snorted that...

yeah you do see these funny English in places like China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan...

but i guess being non-English countries simply means their own mother tongue will definitely interfere with their learning English and that they will have less proper environment to learn it the correct way...

we are just fortunate that English is lingua franca here... otherwise Singlish will be even worse and just as funny as theirs...

At 12:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

hillarious aint it??? taiwanese hehe - celly


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