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Monday, September 25, 2006

The chamelleon woman

I was brought up on this issue recently.

"Celly, how come you look so damn different in every pictures ah?? Like a totally different person leh.."

"Is it???" I acted blur.

Sometimes I think I am ugly, sometimes I think I am pretty lah. But that's about it.
I wish Monday I can look like Jolie, Tuesday like Maggie Q, Wednesday like Giselle, Thursday like Catherine Zeta, and Friday.... when I need to look best, I wanna look like Nadja Hutagalung.
Saturday I can look like my mother cause she's so chio, then Sunday since I hardly go out at all (unless to meditate), I can look like myself liao..

Sounds like a plan...


Well this was me acting cute.

stupid celly...

But this is me acting disgustingly cute..

this , I suppose, is as stupid lookin as i can get...

Do I look like the same person in the two photoes?

How about this one?

This one is just purely disgusting...
But maybe can pass as my Jolie look man.. the lips halfway there..

As if it can't get any worse, below is a photo of me while watching those damn tear jerker K-drama series...

Yes lah. I was crying and stupid me wanted to see how ugly I was when I wept and wept...

This is sad looking in every sense of it man..


Fyuckin ugly.. hahahaha... by the way, there were tears on the cheeks okay!
I cant believe this..

People put their prettiest pictures on the blog, I put my ugliest.. heck lah..

But you see... I look different in all photoes liao huh.. maybe my friend got a point..

To cheer myself up again.. to tell myself..actually I can look quite decent lah..
Dress and doll up a bit.. then pose like camera whore...

This is the dreamy look.. or looking and drooling at a yandao look..oh.. and damn wayang man... I was going up for a ge tai performance or wattttttttttt.......

This is my la mei look.... or the pin lang xiao jie look... in Singapore context, maybe the Tiger girl look sial..

This is the wannabe-a-mohdel-but-cannot-make-it look.

Let's just thank heavens I am not a model, well, since my calves are as big as the papaya I ate for lunch, might as well lah...

Below seems to be my favourite blur look..

lidis better......

Now, below are the chioer takes... less embarrasing..

this is the mommy's girl look..

And whooopie, she looks like her mom ... many people said so anyway..

And this one is my sexy Jap look. LOL
At least not those irritating KAWAI girl look can..
This would be Namie Amuro wannabe look..

And of course.. all these many faces...all yucky, ducky or yummy, sunny.... come from a source..

She co-produced me and she's the most gorgeous woman in the entire bloody universe..

Ah... at least to me and a couple of us... she is..


Anyway, the last 3 photoes were taken at the Esplanade..
I brought mommy to watch the much talked about musical...- Forbidden City..

And since she loved Cabaret so much the last time.. I thought she would love it.

She was so excited I tell you. I even made her doll up..she changed her clothes 3 times, mind you!

But alas, the lovely lass fell asleep on her seat after the intermission.

"EH!!!!!! CHIO BU!!! You don't fall asleep with your 70 bux for 3 hours seat in the Esplanade can!!!!!!!!!!!"

She then apologised and sat up. She watched the rest of the show lah.. but her eyes only shone on with 5 Watts.

Poor momi.

Actually we loved the first act. At the end of it, when Kit Chan found her little boy, running towards her, both of us started weeping like little girls..

Crying rivers of warm tears.

You see, we're very well trained by the bloody K-dramas liao. One sad scene and there we 'd our make-up with our salty tears...

Ah.. anyway... Jon lost the Singapore Idol today...Hmmm.. a tad sad.

Well, Congrats to Hady, I mean.. man.. Hady can sing!
Though so can Jon lah.. but prolly not as powderful.

But Jon looked so handsome on Sunday!!!! Brodddyy Helll... I almost fell in love...

... I didnt remember him being THAT handsome when we were back in NUS leh.

I mean, yes yes.. he's always been handsome.. in fact his handsome model friend Daniel, who hooked me up with him used to tease me.. "It's the lips right? You like the lips right??Damn sexy right???"

Oh well... I think Jon will make it DAMN BIG in this region.. with his low, sexy voice, with his handsomeness and most importantly with his lips...

I think I wet my pants in the Kallang stadium that day man.


Aiyoh those lips.. I'll eat it for breakfast and lunch and dinner anytime...

Anyway, I thought of standing in front of the stadium early, look out for those screaming Jon girly groupies... and maybe I can sell them his phone number for $50,000 each.

Ha ha..

but I didn't lah. I stil got integrity can!!

.. But oh, $50,000 would have been handsome too...

Okay, I am digressing.. It's time to sleep... Congrats again to Hady.. he rocks!!

And to Jon.. man you don't need the bloody title to go far. Jon is gonna be the next Jay Chou, rocker style.. or something... !!! His lips are gonna be more famous than Jolie's soon.

And don't you think history just repeats itself? With Taufik and Sly, now Hady and Jon?



Good Night and Good Luck...

And Goodie.. Hady & Jon

Ah.. those lips...

Ok ok.. good nite..


At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

Eh is it just me or you do look suprisingly like jolie with the pouty mouth? its a shame the hair gives it away lah or else sure thing liao hehehe.

At 11:23 AM, Blogger DirtyDancer gently snorted that...

hello celly!! hey! i'm crazily in love with jonathan too! i was the minute he sang that quando quando song during the auditions. donno what it is la. but your friend is damn "man" lor.

all my guy friends say he has a "kiam pah" face and they cannot stand him. but i think he damn "seh"...

can kiss him for me or not? :D

At 2:16 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

francisca: hahahaha.. aiyohh.. is it?? the lips same size liao is it?

dirtydancer: Dida, i'll kiss him for u for myself for anyone for noone.. anytime.. hahahaha.. ok ok next time i see him i shall. lolx

he;s damn man ah.. well i tell u he's also very nice guy, very courteous, righteous and humble. but i dunno if fame will get into his head too much and change him.

and i know why u fell for him lah..'

its the lips laaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 3:45 PM, Blogger Doreen gently snorted that...

Hey celle, the more you act cute, the more attractive you are ACT MORE!! Hehehe

At 10:09 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

doreen: act cute better? u sure anot?????? haha

At 10:42 AM, Blogger ciscalim gently snorted that...

celly, i think the eyes are more convincing than those lips, howd u do that really? Yea i say ACT MORE too! lurve your blog heaps..

At 1:27 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

ciscalim : my eyes are convincing?? hmm.. what exactly do u mean?

thank u babe!!

At 4:36 PM, Blogger ciscalim gently snorted that...

ya as in the eyes look more like jolie's rather than the lips lah haiyaaa.. hahaha okay okay.. sip lah. tah

At 11:58 AM, Blogger Cavin gently snorted that...

fooyooh...the many adorable faces of aunty celly.

At 7:25 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

ciscalim: ohh hahahahaha... ok ok..

cavin: aunty celly.. *grrrr*


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