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This blog was started once upon a time when a young girl at school didnt know better but thought otherwise. So the way earlier entries can be crass and words inappropriate so please don't judge. As now the person has evolved into someone older and wiser (hopefully) ..:.... But some of the entries were classic and hilarious so I don't have the heart to delete them :@ Well we were all young (read:wild) once, right?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Of Love, Feelings and Siewmay


I have been watching more and more Korean Drama Series. After "Samsoon", there was " Marrying a Millionaire" and then "Princess Hours"... Henry is gonna lend me "My Sassy Girl Chan Hyung" and I am doomed, I do not have the strength to refuse.

(Anyway, Henry urged me to write a bit about him in my blog, and maybe mention many good things about him such that chicks will flock over to his side. That married Beng. What audacity!!!!! But since he reads my blog regularly maybe I can give him this royal pardon =), especially cause he's so nice and funny also, but I hope he doesn't push his luck)

Day in, day out. All I've been doing is sit in front of the telly, with hair in an alarming chaos, face oily and spotty, T-shirts I've been wearing from the day before, with legs unepilated, yah yah.. hairy legs, hairy eyebrows, hairy everywhere.. piles of emails to send out from the bloody tray, piles of dirty dishes in the sink, a lot of pending items in the procrastinator's long list, a lot of shits to clean up..a lot of people to meet... but guess what I've been doing instead..


Stupid Korean Drama series... should be banned.

I'd be crying, then laughing, then crying, then laughing..then crying... then laughing... for 6 hours straight between lunch, dinner and sleeping time (which is very late) in front of the telly.

I am a telly veggie...Henry asked if my eyes have becomed squarish liao..

I am a horrible sight to see at home nowadays.

Horibleeee... somemore the way I plop down in front of the telly is so chor lo and
unsightly. If my dad had seen the way I lazed around dthe living room mat, he would have been ashamed to have a daughter like me as well.
Sometimes I'd curl my legs around my mom's waist, sometimes my head would be on her lap and my left leg hugging the table, sometimes both legs on the table, sometimes I'd probably look like I was practising some out- of- this- world yoga.

I must tell you that being in front of telly for so many bloody hours each day is not that easy. feet cramp also leh. Somemore I got no sofa, it's a thin mattress with pillows. It's quite sian one lehh.. but somehow I just gotta sit there.. watch one more episode.. and one more.. and one more..

One position is not enough. Gotta be creative, or else I'd become a complete vegetable. SO I ended up with a lot of creative but unsightly positions. Sometimes I'd bring my bolster and sarong out too. When I wear my sarong around my shoulder, they'd say that I was a security guard on a night watch in some kampung. Hahaha ( Hansip ngeronda boo..) ...

Nowadays, I throw less crumpled newspaper to the telly screen. Instead, I use up a lot of tissues, both for wiping my tears and for wiping the telly screen after I kissed and hugged it several times.

Eh heh heh.

Women are crazy fellas, man.

So, Franco asked me the other day. Why did you like watching it so much?
And I said.. cause i get to cry and laugh and cry and laugh all the time..

Then he told me : " Might as well get one friggin bastard, screwed up boyfriend and you will also cry and laugh, cry and laugh what!!"

We women must be deranged psychopatch who are complete suckers for emotional rollercoasters and elaborated dramas, eh!

We also complain that the guys are mean to us and all that, but I think we're asking for it. We're so emotional it's dangerous, at the edge of the precipice liao leh.

I wish I can be less emotional and more rational for once. Life would be safer, less painful, but sadly less exciting as well.

Though at other times, I am glad I am that deranged psychopath who crave for emotional rollercoaster.

All bad memories and scars of the past evolve into meaningful lessons and beautiful experience over time. This is one way to live our lives to the fullest I suppose.

I guess, there's always 2 bloody sides of everything.

It's a matter of choice in the end. Eh?

On a lighter note.

Here comes more food... glorious food.....

You know how the Indons make, cook and eat their siew may???

Ours is not just the boring one kind, with wrap-around skin and carrot shred on top.

We have so many !!!!


Got the ones where the meaty bit is attached to half potatoes, got bittergourd, got lettuce, got egg, got tofu....


Siomay kacang sauce

Ah yes, we eat them with kacang sauce and KECAP MANIS!

TA DA!!!!!!!!!

Die Die must try...

Anyone who want to order gotta order at least 50 siewmays though. Hor?

Ahhh... weekend again...

Rainy weekend again...

How nice if I can cuddle up all day and watch more Korean Drama Series..

Hahaha.a. eh no no no.. I am stopping for awhile. For a week.
I gotta be productive for a week before I embark on my next telly veggie era.

I gotta bring back bacon, else cannot also rite...... (shit my English damn jiarat)





At 9:21 PM, Anonymous SleekShoes gently snorted that...

U shud try taking alcohol n watching the Shows .

At 8:40 AM, Anonymous i luv u gently snorted that...

I ur secret admirer...I like sily char bo and I luv U loads...even tho U ke xiao sometime.Lets get married and have many many children.hw, can fix date???:=) I dream abt U on many many night. Got quetion...U still virgin????? and waht ur full name?

At 9:17 AM, Anonymous blackcat gently snorted that...

Is your TV the LCD or Plasma kind? If not this habit will only make your eyesight go from bad to worst laah! Anyway, I prefer local ones. Must watch the coming drama serial I not stupid too...

I think you better start learning from your mother to cook since someone has proposed marriage...:=)So jealous..hehehe!

Don't bluff, your command of the english language is good. Do you know that when talking to you, I need to go back to refer to the dictionary on some of the words you used? Too paiseh to ask there and then...;=)

At 7:06 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

sleekshoes: eh.. then itd be more hilarious is it? or will cry even more is it?

i luv u: wah liao lehh.. wher got ppl propose thru blog one... of coz will get turned down lah. wth horrr.. tsk tsk.. what audacity!

blackcat: not lcd or plasma lah.. normal big big boxy kind... heh..
bopian lor.. eyesight sure kanna jialat2.. half blind oredi anyway

At 11:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

korean dramas are so addictive but we love it becos it takes us thru a emotional rollercoaster.

At 12:59 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

anonymous: YEPPEERSSS

At 4:50 AM, Anonymous SleekShoes gently snorted that...

Oh no , its supposed to slow down your senses and u wont cry as much or at all ....Gezzz..

At 8:10 AM, Anonymous yuzmambo gently snorted that...

I think you need to slow down on the k-drama celle. Too much of something may not be healthy 4 u. U defo need to do something more productive this week than juz lounging at home. And talking bout positions that u did while watching it, wouldnt it be funny if u took pictures of it? "Sillycelly's different ways of lying down" maybe? LOL...

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At 12:52 PM, Anonymous blackcat gently snorted that...

Alamak! Celly, since when did you become involved in the Malaysian politics?

At 9:20 PM, Anonymous SleekShoes gently snorted that...

I was about to propose to Celly but after this racist thingy came on , i think next time will be better ...

At 10:04 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

sleekshoes: aha u sure drink beer will not cry anot. i think i sure cry more leh.. and WTF is wrong with these racist argument doin in my blog mann... knn

yuzmambo: ahahaha.. ya man.. too much k drama liao.. err.. poses of me in front of telly. not v glam la hor..

winner & boleh: eh u guys.. pls take ur arguing shits elsewhere sial.. ANYONE KNOWS HOW I DELETE THESE BLOODY COMMENTS??

Knn... i dun wan this kind of shit happening in my blog man.. u guys just trying to find avenue where many ppl may read wat u wrote ah!!!


I gonna delete liao..

At 1:37 PM, Blogger Chris gently snorted that...

fast fast delete...beh tahan leh...anyways, propose thru blog sure turn down, how bout propose thru email ? haha

At 10:49 PM, Blogger Cavin gently snorted that...

aunty cel crying, laughing, crying, laughing....

that's a scene I'd like to see..hehe

At 1:54 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

chris: propose what? i still duno hwo to delete leh

cavin: oh trust me u dowan to see lah.. like a mad girl lidat

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Cavin gently snorted that... do your stuff and i'll get the popcorns.

At 2:43 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

cabin: he he... but no thanks leh

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