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Friday, September 01, 2006

Watashi wa Masari-chan.. Hajimemasite...=P

Jia Rat Big Time.

I don't know if it's got to do with Korean-Japanese guy craze (i.e Hyun bin, Takeshi), or has the silliest-kawai-wannabe streak in me just surfaced.

But now I want to be KAWAI girl.

See ah, maybe that way, some Korean drama producer can spot me and ask me to star opposite Hyun Bin in his next drama hiak hiak!!!!!!!



What a stupid girl right?


I took lots of Kawaii photoes already! I just took it today - 1 Sep- 11am! ... And I am gonna whore it!!! NOW!

He he he.. I actually high-lighted my hair myself. How? Can be a hair dresser anot?

I blowdried it straight, with Japanese Kawaii bangs.

Eh! Ah shit, I feel very silly actually,acting Kawaii and all this shit, almost want to puke, but you know, it's kinda nice to be a Kawaii girl for once. If your teeth are aching as you see it, I beg your pardon. Oki? So, since it's all Kawai pics, and Kawaii shits.. so I must write Kawaii Kawaii style right?

Iz it liKe DiZz? =P (HeE HeEe..^_^)

ArH cAN yU seE mI poZzing pozZInG? Totemo kawaii ne? 6_รด

WaHhh.. yU SeE?? Yu SeE??? DeRm CuTezzz RitE??

ErMzzz.. SeE Mi PoUtY PouTY..


T.T ...

Aiyoh... Mi MuZ AdMitZ.. A BIttzz liKeZz A ChIOoo NIPpoN aH LiAn ahRz??

HiaKZzz.. HIaKzz....

Ummmppph.... This one not Kawai liao..

Wah I tell you it's damn tiring to write lidat (LiKe DiZzz) , is there a normal procedure ah?
Like one finger is constantly on shift button. Press and press sporadically, is it?
Or got special program to write annoyingly like that?

Farg.. heuheu.. heck lah.

I must admit. Sometimes, Kawaii is like daammm far away from me leh. That last one is like a total chao ah lian trying to act cool leh! Grr..

But other times, ehh... I am like quite sophisticated.

Orh.. No meh???? NO MEHHH???????

*put gun on your head*.. NO MEHHH???


Maybe more cool than kawaii.. more cool than cute.. heh?


But sure got a bit of KIREI (pweety). No?

At least a bit lahh...!!

Aiyohh... cheeky Japanese Ahlian!!!

Shit... heuheuheuhue.. bordering on disgusting..

And I am a bit more profound than just kawaii.. coz this photo is so nicely taken..
I think.


Hehe.. See froggy and me over the rainbow..

And this last photo.... is

"" the mostest totemoest kireiest kawaiiestt photoest""...

Wah the hair like so nicely styled oso!!.. *-*

Eh heh heh.. What a vainpot me. AH! I DONT CARE!

Sometimes, taking lotsa photoes after dolling up boost my confidence again.
I feel good when I look good.

So, I am what I feel.

And today, I feel so good.


The rest can go fly kite!!!


At 4:46 PM, Blogger Cavin gently snorted that...

honto ni kawaii desu ne.

At 5:10 PM, Anonymous blackcat gently snorted that...

Tsk ..Tsk...So pitiful...No wonder..children's day today...:0

At 6:06 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

cavin: ehuheue.. arigato gozaimasuuuuuuuu

blackcat: EHH UUU!!! *take parang*

At 9:44 PM, Anonymous WinterAngelzzZ gently snorted that...

I really like ur huge eyes!!If i can pose & take gd pixs like u will be so gd*sigh* I cant really seems to get a nice pix evytx..need to take like heaps b4 1-can-pass only come out of those..*ENVY U*

I thought its TEACHER'S DAY today?? CHILDREN's DAY on OCT 1st eh isnt it??

p/s: nice pixs!!!personally i like the 6th pix of urs which lookin at some other places..its natural 4 us galz to be vainpot eh!camwhorin all the tx!!haha =b

At 10:02 PM, Anonymous blackcat gently snorted that...

Yes, it's teachers' day today actually and children's day is on Oct....the comment was just to ji siao her:=)

Cely, don't be so cruel lah...

At 7:27 AM, Blogger Doreen gently snorted that...

Wah~~~~so many kawaii photos!! Kawaii, kawaii!!

At 11:24 AM, Blogger Claudia Tan gently snorted that...

Very nice pics...should take some pics of your toes n legs sure your toes r pedicured too...Enjoy reading your blog : )

At 12:50 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

winterangelz: im sure ure v photogenic too babe.. yeah i ike the 6 th photo too! hiak hiak.. sometimes i love it when im such a narcist.. just dun let it take over and become uncontrollable.

blackcat: bah

doreen: heuheuhue

claudia tan: wah.. my toes are very ugly, and teyre not manicured// so.. and hmm.. toe pictures are for guys with toe fetishes is it?? lol

At 3:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

celly, i think you look so pretty!

At 12:39 AM, Anonymous blackcat gently snorted that...

Are U taking part in the dance contest? U should U know. Anyway, will you be at Paulaner next 2 weeks? I'll try to get Denise Lorraine Keller if she's not busy since she has german blood..;)

Your pictures look don't "parang" me , please....

At 3:55 PM, Anonymous yuzmambo gently snorted that...

Greetings... i used to be an avid fan of your posts and man, did it help me thru my ntu days... esp during the exams :D

At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

frankly... your features does not fit into the japanese kawaii looks. No big dole like, watery eyes, almond with baby fat face...

BUT i thing u will look great in a long sliky black dress.... pouting

It is your eyes


At 5:38 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

anonymous: wahhh.. thank youu... why remained anonymous? =p

blackcat: i ll be singing there regularly from 20th.
dennis ah.. then u might as well get klinnsmann he also got german blood.

yuzmambo: yep yep! I know you!!! Welcome back.. heuhuee.. where have u been??

diggo: hmm.. u reckon? should i try that??
so i need watery eyes to look more kawaii?? hmm.. try with onion will help?

At 7:28 PM, Anonymous Ryousuke gently snorted that...

Tried to email u but seem like your mailbox is full.

At 9:20 AM, Anonymous SleekShoes gently snorted that...

Wah ..u look so pweety !!!! my nose bleed liaoz .. i need tissues !

At 10:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...


Put up those pics then

IMHO, ur features does not goes well with the Jap "kawaii" looks... U have strong sharp features which give u an agrres and sophi looks.

Tat's mine opinion anyway.

BTW, onions does not help. Maybe an eye job.


At 10:48 AM, Blogger Alex gently snorted that...

oh thanks alot! u just blinded me. =p

At 1:36 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

ryousuke: dun brufff

sleekshoes: oso dun brufff

diggo: bleah.. ah so i shd be an audrey hepburn instead?? i think that one quite far fetched.. im how chor lo

alex: bah!!! eh thanks also ah! basket! heuheu.

At 3:24 PM, Anonymous yuzmambo gently snorted that...

Oh shucks... Cant believe u still remember me after all this time. Does your email work? Coz i would like to drop u one. I've heard that its usually full.


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