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This blog was started once upon a time when a young girl at school didnt know better but thought otherwise. So the way earlier entries can be crass and words inappropriate so please don't judge. As now the person has evolved into someone older and wiser (hopefully) ..:.... But some of the entries were classic and hilarious so I don't have the heart to delete them :@ Well we were all young (read:wild) once, right?

Monday, January 10, 2005


Jac made me late for lesson!!!!! Yes!
wouldve been on time if not for Jac's slow romantic stroll with Sham, to the bus stop.. yes I'm a changed woman!Today..wuz lookin at Jac's side profile.. I really think she's lookin more and more like a Chindian, not Indian, yet!.. you know how people start to blend into each other when they get so close?... Mom's gone to Bali.. my bro Wit's gone to Macau and HongKong and I thought holiday is over?? so smart la dey ..go after peak season is over.. I hope Wit comes back with huge winnings off the casino tables..! I cant wait for my share as praying supporter.. Went to Clementi today.. Me and Jac were chattering away when suddenly both of us were struck with silence and awe.. Yeah.. That's what it's like.. we just saw a cute guy larrr.. thats why so dumbstruck..
My gosh.. so so so cute... I think mixed, cross-breed or something..
But hor.. How come all the cute guys I've been spottin recently remind me of E???How come? Home come?

Saw a friend's pics on the urbanmales website.. where da models are in verrry skimpy trunks plus probably stuffed lunch boxes .. how gay!! not like I hv anythin against them .. But.. so so..So.. now he is certified a gay pin up!..who's unpaid and exploited.. thank god he was fully clothed.. coz apparently he doesnt even hv a clue abt the pic on the webbie.. wats worse? U gotta be a member to view full profile and portfolio and he aint one.. So he cant even see his own pictures which others are usin as earning tools!! Wad bollocks is dat? What a screwed up exploitation.. I urged him to contact his agent and stuff.. I wonder what they'd say.. I wonder if any of the models in the webbie get paid or even know about it at all..
But I spose.. they wouldnt mind either way.. being hopeful buddin stars, they'd prolly just comply for the sake of exposure..
Caption of the webbie was "For modern men with good taste".. or smth like that.. Hahahaha.. Nuff said...
Have fun you lots..!

My dad hor.. damn funny.. 3 months ago scolded me for spendin 2K plus on visa and master.. 2 mth ago.. scolded me for spendin 1K (which I dun think was true!) then 1 mth ago sent me 1k to buy 100 sweep tickets.. how does he calculate 3 x 100 =1000? 700 for Tips ah..
so generous.!. another1 K comin this mth. muahaha... not like I am damn broke but wouldnt want to draw from my fixed dep account.. keke.. So, this is how he shows fatherly love? Hmm.. well.. then maybe I can forgive him for forgettin my birthday, not knowing where and what I study or my fav food .. I miss him so much.. hiks.. really missed the days when we cut slashes and holes in our blue jeans together and posed like gangsters.. or when he put the pillow over his head and blanket over his back to do us a lion dance .. or when he clothed himself with the bedsheet , drew two slanted eyes and sneaked up to my mom to scare her in the kitchen.. where has my dad gone to????

Supposed to bid for modules.. but I really dunno which to take.. either than the one my FYP sup is teaching coz I reckon it'd be useful medium to suck up with.. Manufacturing, bioengine, material failure.. bleahh.... eh they all sound damn shit to me, not interestin laa.. why no module's titled : THe new generation of flying space ship and UFO or Loopholes to the regulations on car modification in Singapore, .. Mech Engineering also what...??..We are left with damn boring stupid modules that I dun give a flyin farg about...It really dun matter what I take anymore..SO I am just takin watever Jac is takin.. not like I will remember anything that I learn in any of the modules I've taken once the exam is over... (but I am not worried..just another human possible spore education system side effect..)..

Talking about car modification..
Who are they to remind us on not to lower the suspension so much so that we wont scrath the car when going over humps??
Who are they to tell us not be so ahbeng and put underglow neons??
Who are they to tell us not be so poser and put the super big exhaust (that looks pretty obscene to me actually...)
Who are they to tell us not to put NOx and speed through expressway? We pay speeding tickets what?? Why you worry?? More revenue what?You think those with no NOx wont pass the speed limit meh???
Urrgghhh.... SO boring.. Seee.. this is how boringggg we are.. you look outon the streets .. you see more silver coloured Toyota Corollas, a few white vans and nowadays..add silver/gold boring MPVs to the list..
What an exciting sight Singapore.. nice!...
See ah.. they let us put vinyls.. but without the accompanying spoiler, bumpers, wings and all the ah beng neons and gadgets.. the car is gonna look how wank .. like half fark half fark.. why bother??? I thought they wan us to be more creative , innovative, open minded and global trend savvy.. chey..! chey chey chey...! My pert pert white rears!! When i 've got $$ to buy n modify M3 in the future.. I better move out of spore.. else all I can do are change the blooody rims and plus a sunroof and a vinyl sayin :"Marcelly is a babe!".. *Yawnnn...*..
I wan my bright pink poser car with holy-shit big exhaust and superrrr ah beng purple underglow neon!!!


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