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This blog was started once upon a time when a young girl at school didnt know better but thought otherwise. So the way earlier entries can be crass and words inappropriate so please don't judge. As now the person has evolved into someone older and wiser (hopefully) ..:.... But some of the entries were classic and hilarious so I don't have the heart to delete them :@ Well we were all young (read:wild) once, right?

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Good to be back..

"My best shot ever.. I think"... Posted by Hello..
Anyway, I ended up at Zouk again last nite, seriously.. not enough clubs in Spore!
Was scootering around WB, Ph and Member's.. Ash, Dan, Leon (again!) , John and Justin were at members as usual. Jackie finally relented and came at midnight. tee hee hee...This bitch just cant get enough of me la...
Paul tua-ed me.. but Ming was at Wine Bar with his JIS friends.. We played drinking games and I won a hefty fifty buckss.. Easy peasy.... I teamed up with Ed (thank god..) Ming with Vincy.. we had the smaller glasses.. but the blokes were complaining.. coz they reckon we suck better.. but hello!!! We dont swallow!!.. Look unless spitting the beer out counts!!
Anyway... Of course we won... 50 bux like that.. I love the indons la..
but ended up buying Midori with it anyway.. Sham and the boys were all the way inside Phuture.. Eugene and Joe still found me terriblly hillarious.. and I still have no idea why.. All I have to do is make sum lame comments or shriek some stupid words and they'd be rolling on the floor.. hehhe.. miraculous indeed.. Finished the night at Velvet..n Ed kept calling me 'tante'... arghh.. I am not dat old yo... heuheue...
But I was very very pizzed by the end of the night.. had too much to drink.. as usual.. Went back and cooked indomie for Sham and Jack.. SHam insisted on me peeing over the railings on 6th floor and I would get to pluck his chest hair in return.. madness! Of course I didnt do it. What u think?? I stopped peeing in my pants a few years ago! I am more refined than that yo!

.. went to the library to write my FYP progress report (wow! rite?)..
Then!!! half hour before the lib closes.. theres this construction work damn fucken loud la.. Can wait anot?? half hour le!!! I need to concentrate!!! ( I was writing my cousin a testimonial on friendster.. u see.. )
Anyway.. I was there with Jack and Cat.. DC then joined us for dinner at Macs..... had many many good laughs as usual.. and I re-realised that company is really most important.. not where or when..
Me n Jac planned on sharing an apt after grad.. she was happy for awhile.. then she started lookin damn stressed.. Ok ok.. my bad... She knows how messy, disorganised I am.. once she came over my room to fold my clothes so at least they dont hang out of the drawers..
thing is.. i dun see why you put them so nicely when you gonna ransack the whole thing again in the morning.. I dun even close the wardrobe.. you gonna open it again what!!! The only thing I close is my room door coz its got this hydraulic spring thingy on top which closes it automatically watt.. and thank god for that by the way... Somewhere during dinner.. Dc said I can be hantu basket.. cant remember how that related hantu to baskets.. but I ended being a basket weaver in the conversation. and Jac is spose to go work in future and sell my baskets to her colleagues..
See.. she'll go :" Hey June... you havent bought a basket this week!! You too Jim!!"
We planned on getting those donation stickers for them.. so they wont have to face Jac again once they've bought a basket that week...See how popular she will get at work? NOT..
So.. we thought of someone neater to share with as 3rd person.. Jac thought of her brother.. then he gonna bring his wife and baby.. and Cat and Dc went NOooOO!!!
Marcelly is gonna weave the baby in the baskettt.t..!! then Jac gonna have to go work and ask for it back.. :" Eh sorry dude.. the basket yesterday got my nephew in it!!"
Wahlau la.. eat Mc D also get so high! Must be the new twister fries...
Ok rewind a bit to afternoon..Jac and me were racing to the canteen during lunch.. she may run like her butt's on fire.. but she ran the wrong way.. hahhaa... so she lost! Anyway.. I think I laughed too much today.. I can feel my abs reforming.. We really dun need space cakes to be so giggly and chirpy..
But we were planning on graduation trips.. Us road trip or good ol' Amsterdam..I wan srhooms and cakess...and I wanna lite up a splith in front of the police..!!! Where else can u do that??.
Anyway.. Groove Armada will be spinning at Zouk on Fri.. another irresistible temptation. how?better rush my report then.. ( but not v likely to be done...)
cheers... MS


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