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Monday, January 03, 2005

Mourning part II+ Questions on Irony

Enlightenment part II: Parties are very much toned down over here.. in fact.. almost non existent.. With mourning in all corners.. the whole city is wrapped up in sorrow.. I dont know when the pace is gonna pick up again.. Even 9/11 incident only gobbled down 3K plus casualties.. Not tryin to be a reporter here.. but.. 2005.. please kind to all of us.. As an additional note (just in case it might be true..) those who want vengeance towards a group of bad guys.. dont blow up the buildings and masses sorrounding them anymore.. Cant you just go straight to the HQ? ... *run for covers*... Posted by Hello

To add... I wanna question the irony... Why would such disaster happen in such an untimely schedule.. The giant waves' timing is sooo impeccable.. Not only was it a few days before New year.. and a day after Xmas.. It was frigging holiday season where the tourist's spots were packed to the brim!!! Just when the whole ordeal would gobble up the maximum number of casualtiess.. why is that so?? Why wasnt it during the Off-peak season? Why not during draught? Why not somewhere else??


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