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Thursday, August 02, 2007


I guess TEAM BUILDING trips organised by companies are not really that uncommon.
It's fun, and it's imperative to the unity and strength of the company.

Walton has team building sessions, sometime more than once a year, at different levels.

The recent Krabi one was just awesome... Waiddaminute.. before I start again on Krabi.
I'd like to commemorate this moment too.
I was promoted about 3 months ago, about 6 months after joining Walton with a full-blow.

Did I mention that?

Yay! I am a manager, I now manage almost a dozen consultants.

Before I was promoted, I also earned some trophies that are propped up in the living room cupboard now. I was all joyous.

So here are pics of me with the babies.

Top Walton Consultant (HK Div) for Feb AND March 2007..

Congratulations Celly! We'll be heading to an even better 2007 and 2008..
Having no ceiling to my earning capacity, I am gonna be a millionaire in no time.

Oh, I am recruiting too. Let me know if I can help anyone!

AH... And so.... Krabi...

We were very very well fed in Krabi...

Meals were frequent and abundant.

We also frequented the tailor a lot. In fact about half of us had some suits, shirts and jackets tailored there, as it was about almost half the price in Singapore.

Beer too.. aplenty.. We walked around Aonang and there were hidden pub behind the shop houses. Very sneaky huh??? Dirt cheap beer too!

So.. after the first day of free and easy... where I depicted my trip to Phi Phi, my encounter with the eeky looking sea cucumber, etc etc...

The second day was filled with activities which include team building games.. treasure hunt, survivor series.. and some mind boggling ones that made you think.

We lasted the whole day. From morning til night, ending with the gala night with skits and shows. We still went out to drink after that too!

There were many and I couldnt describe all of the activities.
Some really were memorable though.

I really like the tower building competition. I was appointed the leader for the yellow team (There were red, blue and green).

We had to build tower as tall as we can, but also as strong as we can, so that when we put an egg at the top, it won't fall and smash. But we had to build it using paper plates, plastic cups, straws, newspaper and masking tape!!

I had to admit, our tower was Fugly...

Here we are busy doing it up..

Let's check out the other teams...

The blue team prioritises height.

The Red team prioritises stability.

My yellow team.. doesn't seem to know what they are trying to prioritise.

I think it was Humility!!!

It's functional though, the egg didn't fall. But yes, it's downright ugly. heh heh.

The Green team, however did a splendid job.
A well balanced tower, just like how our life is supposed to be. Enough strength, enough beauty, enough height and coverage.. =)

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Very nice....

Here is the Singapore team, the strongest in Asia =)

I wonder if we ever will get a worldwide team building, since we have so many blardy office world wide. Would be fun, maybe in Texas.. yee ha!

Here goes the ballooonssss........

And here comes my bossess...

Not joking, yay.. well 2 of them are my bosses, the other two are my colleagues.. Haha..
Who's who? Not telling ya!

Don't worry, they're not dressed like that day in day out.

Ocht well.. We had a gala dinner that night. And I wrote our divisional team a skit called :


instead of Land Banking. How? SMart or not??

(NB: Land Banking is what my company does)

So, they were all dressed up to the 9.. I mean.. to the ultimate ah-bengness and ah-lianness.
They were in characters OK!

Before the skit started, we had some birthday babies celebration too.. Ocht well..

It was in May.. so yay! It's me birthday!

I also got the honour to receive my Yellow team's box of goodies from our AVP.
Amidst the Thai buffet dinner, we had chit chats, some were already gobbling down the free flow of beer and Jack Daniels, we also had some bingo game. I didnt win the bloody BINGO game thou!
Then, different divisions took turn to present their skits.

It was amazing to discover my colleagues' different hidden talents that day.

They were funny, daring and well.. pretty innovative lah.. They were very sporting, all wearing funny costumes to different themes.

Not to mention my lian-beng-king concept ok!

So let me introduce you to:


"Hi!!! My name is Hiao Lian.. I am very hiao.. but.. eh.. aiyah.. beh hiao lah"

From L-R: Cast : Angmoh Beng, Chiobu Lian, Hao Lian, Pai Kia Beng, Si beh Song Beng, Chiko Beng, Yan Dao Beng, Major Beng, Hiao Lian, Angmoh Lian and Mr Wong.

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Here is Hiao Lian trying to tame a tut tut- ah pek client from China.

Hiao Lian then called for help from Pai Kia Beng..

"Pai KIa beng.. SANG!"

WAH LAU WEEEEEEEEE... Ah pek is kia si lang one lor!!!!!!!!!

Beh sai lahh... Beh sai...

Here are Pai Kia Beng, Yan Dao Beng and Hiao Lian.. in action..
Actually horr... maybe I should go and upload the script huh???

It's pretty hillarious I think..

Above is angmoh beng with millionaire client Mr Alhamdullilah from Middle East.

We have sent all the lians to him, but seems like he likes angmoh beng the best... Maybe because his moh is ang.. even the armpit ones.. yeap.. no joke ok..

You haven't heard of the Arab's libido level? I heard sometimes women, sometimes men.. sometimes camel. *shrugs*... I wonder how true...

Anyhow, that was what our skit like, it ended with us dancing along to a Hokkian song. It's now my ring tone. " CI PA BAN!"

Nga Sih Wa Wu CI Pa Ban........ .. Ci pa ban....(If I have a million dollar...)
It's my favourite song now lah..

We also took photoes with other division's skit actors

This one is filled with drag queens.. Heh heh. But I think, eventhough entertaining, this concept is really rather overused and not as original as my lian beng king one...

*hao lian abit*

There you go.. The pretty host, Miss Singapore , Miss Hongkong, Miss Canada and Miss Thailand, blocked and missing in picture : Miss Malaysia and Miss Japan. (Other than the host, the rest were reel women, not so real)

Goodness me, now I can blackmail my colleagues!!!!!! Yay!

Heh Heh...

Ocht....So that was Krabi..

Seems like I have been endlessly going overseas.

After Krabi, went to KL twice, then Bintan and then Cameron. all in 5 consecutive weeks, with only one week break..Too many trips for me alreadyyy...Let me stay home.....



At 5:07 PM, Anonymous blackcat gently snorted that...

There's a big vacant unit at Lucky Plaza. Eddy was thinking of renting it and to turn it into an all indo kind of food court.

Anyway, have you got your new name card made (with the new title manager)?:)

At 4:18 PM, Anonymous jinx gently snorted that...


At 10:19 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

blackcat: yeap i do! i shd pass it to u yah??
endy's plan sounds good too.!

jinx: yupp

At 3:42 PM, Blogger Meanderthal gently snorted that...

Wow I was one of the first one to receive your name card as manager right? no wonder you were like giving your card away like dope at SJL.

Don't forget you promised me a permanent invitation to join Walton anytime yah?


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