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Saturday, July 07, 2007


Mission: Walton International Team Survivor Series
Vicinity: Aonang, Krabi, Thailand

Participants: 80 Land bankers, managers, VPs.
Date and time: sometime in April.


I love the company I work for, how many people can say this?

A lot of times I hear :

"That bitch wants it her way again...She said A now she said B.. What the.."

"What the F does he think he is? Just cause he's more senior? bloody hell.."

"Wah lauu.. work for a whole year, wayang here and there.. and I got a hundred bucks raise oni..."


I love my job and I love the fact that I love it.

A big portion is because the people there are simply amazing.
Another portion is the various rewards, $$$, perks, career path, experience.

I think if I am still stuck as an engineer at Singapore's biggest engineering firm, I would run into a big deficit by now, considering my big default expenditues every month.

We went for a Krabi Team building trip in April. All paid for, of course.
There were 80 of us and it was a blast..

Krabi is located South of Thailand, it was only about an hour ride away by the air bus.

We spent the whole of the second day free and easy. 8 of us decided to go on a boat ride to Phi Phi island, to snorkel, suntan, laze around..

So I hopped on the boat with one motor (only) and we set off.

I noticed that most islands in this area resemble rocks and caves.

They sometimes look like an upward-portuding you know what.

Kind of rude leh.

Here's me and all my mighty ah-lianess.

More rocky islands...

This cave is meant for collecting the very exorbitantly priced bird's nest. So ... you know which cave to rob at night then!

OUr first island stop was the Maya Island..

Opps.. sorry... eversince Leo DiCaprio shot THE BEACH here, it is hereby now known as the Leonardo beach.

What a surprise.

I didn't like it.

Overcrowded, dirty, commercialised.

I then spotted this Middle Eastern lady and her friend bathing in the sea water, fully clothed, from head to toe. (see above picture)

I wonder if this is the practice back home. Not very practical leh. Heh.

We took pictures.. spotted the Tsunami Warning meter poles (WATER REACHED THIS LEVEL DURING TSUNAMI) and it was about the hieght of my neck. Scary.

And we took off again.

More caves with hanging sticks.

Some are of incomprehensible shapes.

By the way, This nice angmoh lady I met on the plane told me that there's a cave in Krabi called "Dick Cave"..

And yes, you guessed it, all the stalactites and stalagmites looked like dicks..

Some were painted and some tribes pray to it!

I really wanted to check it out, but seemed like the local Thais I asked, were unwilling to divulge its whereabout.

That or they just didn't know what I meant. I already tried to explain in the most visual way possible.

The waters were OK blue, turquoise but due to the recent monsoon, it was rather murky too.

I spotted some other boats around..
I spotted those touristy boats with Korean and Japanese aunties and their strawhats and many noisy kids..
Many of such boats.. They were not very happening, speaking little English..fanning away, shelthering themselves from the sun...I could just hear kids making alien noises.
Those Koreans are so anti-sun. They would go to Thailand, bringing their sunblock of SPF50 or 60.. If got 100 I am sure they would buy it too.
They then envelope themselves in long sleeved tops, berms, shades and a big towel to put across their face in case thet need to lie by the beach..
Alamakk.. Then why bother??? Go Northpole lah..
I then spotted the scuba diver's boat.
ah... now we're talking.. I spotted tanned lean bodies in bikinis, and buffed up, tanned sic packers with sunbleached curls and trendy boardshorts, sometimes with some tattoos peeking across the back, biceps.. and pelvic curves.. (Actually, hardly any tattoo near pelvic curves, but yes, I was looking at the pelvic curves)

Such a different sight.

I should really take up scuba diving. At least I wont be sitting in the same boat as the fully clothed aunties, uncles and their noisy kids.

Hey, not that I don't like kids...!!!
But compared to a whole team of slithe musclemen with tiny trunks on.... Hello???

We stopped by Phi Phi island.. and we had a feast.. yay!!

But every buffet there, always consisted of tom yum soup and the bloody onion rings..

Can't they give us more exotic Thai foods like the fried grasshoppers??

I walked around the little island and spotted "


...Tsk.. Si mi lan??

We walked around for about an hour there, buying ice creams and look-see-look-see.

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I spotted this uber cool cafe by the beach tooo..

It played reggae and Bob Marley sounds all day long..

totally chill.... Check out the Rastafari theme..

If I wasn't living and working in Singapore, I would have done different things at this scene. Tsk.

We walked around the corner and Viola!
Magic mushroom leh!

Well, or he claimed so!

Didn't try it, don't worry. We just looked at it, took photo and talked about it.
I am too old for these vices lah.

Then, we walked past Pee Pee homemade bakery.

What say you?

Whats with their slogan too "We know your taste"??

No you don't!!

That day, Marcelly tried snorkelling for the first time in her life.

I am not joking, I am that suaku. *shrugs* I was never a sea or beach baby.
What do you expect? People grew up in England, there got no beach ok. Forgeddit. The beach in Brighton has pebbles for Sands and the other ones, just don't bother lah. Period. Nobody go England for the beach. I only started going to the beach again when I moved to Singapore.

At that time, I was happy with Sentosa's imported sand and the generous views of tankers.

Heh Heh.

There I went, happy as clam.
It was weird to breathe through my mouth at first. I kept thinking I was suffocated, but got used to it after a while.

Our tour guide dived deep and surprised us with something.

Something rather eekey..


Sea cucumber.... black and soft, slimy...and filthy-jello like...

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However, if you hold it, squeeze it and stroke it longer, it gets hard and stiff.
Funny.. I have a deja vu here.
Aitee............. that was Phi Phi Island..
We spent the rest of the days mostly in Aonang....clubbing, playing some team building games, go tailor make suit jackets and shoppp..I didn't call back to Mr Gan. Not once. No time...=(
We also put up skits. Heh Heh.. I wrote the script ok!!!
Stay tuned...
I shall rest today... must go back do work... =)


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