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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Jack-art-tar - The Delicous, Malicious Slumpolitan

This was 2 months ago =).. CNY..


We passed that gantry at the airport.
We were welcomed to Jakarta. Hurrayyy.....
I was supposedly welcomed home. Gan was excited. He can't wait for the food, the cheap services, the live like a king lifestyle, the food.. the food..

But hahaha.. he forgot about the jams, the pollutions, the crime rate.
But oh well, we survived a week there.

Of course not without the help our loyal handsome chauffeur. Dewit Suhali.
My brother hahaha.. He was so nice. He was like a chaperon plus driver, plus tour guide.

So we ought to take him out for some sushi.

Wit drove us to POKE sushi (Po-kay sushi)... but I kept calling it Poke Poke Sushi! Poke the Sushi! Damn stupid for a name I tell you. Indons they don't think ah?
But anyway, supposedly good deal for good fusion sushi ala carte buffet.

less than S$20 and it was all you can eat fusion sushi rolls.

Cheese, avocado, ham, floss, tuna, softshell crab.. watever..

Not too bad.. The guys over ate as usual...

I was so happy to be home I made s amiley face.

Smiley Pokey Pokey

This is supposedly the tallest building in Jakarta, at the top of it, there's a bar-bistro hang out, Cilantro.

We had to entertain , still. Here's Santo and bro, Wit.

This is Gan and me.

Below are the road side hawkers.. OUr favourite food abangs..

Cheap and tasty and give you so much diarrhoea you will lose weight..

Better still, they serve you at your parked cars too.
So you don't have to bloody move your expensive limbs and walk out of your car..


We had Bubur (porridge)... Good stuffs I not bluffing!

Ahh.. no chilly no do. Indons can't live without chilli and I think you can't dispute that.

Some satays to go along too.. But the chicken satays got a bit of 'bird flu' aura. Whatever that was like.. So I didn't feel it was very appetizing. Bro finished it in the end.
So that was at Menteng.. Yuppies and slackers with a bit of money will normally come here after clubbing or drinking.. These abangs stay there all night all morning long..

Below is the bus way station... You know about BUS WAY in JAkarta?

It's like MRT line but it's a bus line. The right most lane of the major roads in JAkarta is allocated for BUS WAY buses only... Supposedly, they wanna encourage more people take bus way and cause less congestion on the roads. But in the end, more kampong people come Jakarta do le-long selling..the non-car drivers travel more frequently.. And the car drivers have one less lane in every major road.. So in the end even worse lah.. You really thought rich car owners will actually sell their car and take the bus way???? I tell you by 2010 Jakarta is gonna die of congestion. They dedicated only 9% of city land for transport.. Those stingy, money-sucker rulers... tsk... Can plan cities or not??

Some of the best planned cities are in Canada, OZ and.. uhm.. Singapore..Mr. Jakarta Governor... (actually was invite to his office before...but can't remember his name liao.. better not be too blatant here...)...Come Come engage experts from Singapore.. our towns supposedly better designed..

On the other hand...............

Singaporean drivers are one of the worst in the worlds lah.... Good ness me.

If you survive driving in Jakarta, you can drive anywhere. Indon drivers are spontaneous and well trained at critical situations.

Singaporean drivers are spoilt with better traffic, they are complacent and can't deal with critical situations well.. THey drive a bit too close to the next car , they'd go BOINK BOINK already!... when actually still at least 15-20cm...

PLs lahh...... In Jakarta,, car to car gap is like 2 cm only OK! NO SPACE liao!!! This is SOP!

You guys lahh.. go for so many theory test and so long hours of driving tests, spent so much money on lessons.. but still so many bloody accident ! I just saw one car overturned on the way to Sengkang. Good ness me again..

You guys drive good cars here in Singapore, all pretty much new, well maintained. You have bloody good, smooth roads with much space... but still.. tsk!

Jakarta's roads are filled with gravels and sands.. they are bumpy, uneven, cramped,.. a lot of le-long sales man approcahing you at traffic lights..3 lanes squeezed for 5 cars in a row... one lane but TWO way!!... got crazy men trying to get you to run them over to gain compensation... the high ways are filled with old beaten trucks driven by crazy drivers... many cars speeding off with thich black smoke from their arses...many drivers never actually went for lesson.. just bought the license...frequent, expected jams at many acreas at certain hours..and many buses which pick up passengers everywhere, not only at the bus stops... but still... I think in percentage.. we have lower accident rate..

Something wrong with you guys lah... SPOILT, COMPLACENT and Not spontaneity-trained..

The final test should be to drive in Jakarta for 2 days. If you pass that.. then you can get the license here.. Heh Heh...

Ok lah.. enough lamenting...
If you got other views.. then so be it, ok.. This is my view.. and a lot of people agree with me..

Singaporean drivers are relatively not so cheng lah..

Now talk about DONUTS

I don't know if you've heard of Krispy Kreme..
But for ages, people are trying to franchise them out of US and Australia.

Here's the shop in Senayan City, Jakarta...

Some Indons talked to them earlier on.. before they openned up to Asia at all.

Managed to steal their secrets and recipes... os so I heard.... sorry very kay poh..
Then they backed out and openned their own shop..

J.Co Donuts... similar concept... a little bit cheaper..

And these two shops were just opposite one another..

We bought a dozen from both shops and compared..


Ah.. one box from each shop...

We gave them a try... and...

So sorry J CO.... Krispy Kreme is still the better one. I think they were smart enough to keep from you one itsy bitsy secret.. heh heh..

KK's donuts were softer yet crispier outside and doesn't make you feel jelat that fast, especially if you gobble down 4-5 donuts like me, my bro and Mr Gan.

This is bro posing at Senayan City..

We then went for some affordable pampering..

Mr Gan went to high-light his hair. Me to curl my hair..

3 of us also went for foot reflexology... and hand massage... an hour each!! WHILST being attended to for our tresses... at the same saloon.

It was like top notch luxury..

See above???

And guess how much we spent in total??

Gan spent less than 30 bucks I think, I spent less than 40 bucks..

Muahahaa.. so cheapp

The hair cut makes him look like fat version of Tin Tin though.. nairmind.. it'd grow..

Now handsome already.

I walked past this burger joint too.. Many concept restaurants are born in Jakarta recently...

I wanted to try but... my throat, tummy and mouth were still filled with the undigested donuts..

Hmm.. maybe next time.

There's more Jakarta. BUt I think I shall retire now.
All these food talks make my stomach churn crazily.

Stay tuned...



At 5:02 PM, Anonymous blackcat gently snorted that...

I passed by surviving a week at Bangkok traffic...

Btw, U quit smoking already? Your beloved "Mummy" from that particular Herworld mag managed to quit liao...haha...

At 6:51 PM, Anonymous jinx gently snorted that...


At 8:22 PM, Blogger Connie gently snorted that...

indo food is the best!!! the hawkers along road are the best too!!! Indo is just the GREATEST!!!!! =D

At 5:58 PM, Anonymous Sleepless in Bangkok gently snorted that...

So, along that particular road, eating in the car is mandatory?
Or do they have seats?
Afterall, even Bangkok roadside stores have seats.

At 12:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

hey you shouldve tried that hot shot burger. theyre great great great!

At 11:32 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

blackcat: bangkok i heard is just as bad.. hmmph..

jinx: mmmmmmmmmm

connnie: hahaha.. not exactly the healtiest place thou.. but heck cares.. huh.. =0

SIB: they have small little seats made of wood.. sit in the car much much betetr lah..

anonymous: yeah??? next time then =)


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