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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Slumpolitan Jakarta Part Deux


MORE DONUTS from Jakarta ...

Urgh ... donuts make me sick ...

There's this Donut Factory at Raffles City where people queue up to 3 hours!!!!

Did they just invent donuts?? WHy the sudden craze over it????

They even camped there to queue!!! I will never queue for 3 hours for anything....unless it's to receive A Million Dollar or to kiss HYUN BIN!

My 3 hours is freakin opportunity cost.. These people are so free ah? Are you sure the donuts are worth the wait?

I think I go next door and buy the beard papa.. Chey.. or else go bread talk buy donuts also don't need to queue so long..

I think it must be KIASUISM!
They queue so you must queue.. die die must queue else lose out??

Hmm.. ok lah.. suit yourselves..

Anyone actually queued and MANAGED to buy a dozen (apparently max a dozen per customer or smth)... ?????? Were the donuts

Krypy Kreme ones in JKT....
Ah.. these ones, we didn't need to queue and they were nice enough..

Anyway... Back in Jakarta.. Dad took us out for dinner after CNY.. GASP!!!!


You know.. that's been like eons... in case you don't know.. my dad-part-of the family is kinda dysfunctional. He hardly talks to us or takes us out... BUt recently he got better and better (also thanks to the SECRET!.. go to
... this one is one life changing secret.. my whole family kinda swears on it now, eversince I got the book from my boss a few months ago.. it was a gift for top performance =)

We try to practise it and many miracles happenned! and more to come ..=).. more on the secret next time...)

Daddy took us to Ancol, the beachfront entertainment hangout in Jakarta.

We ate seafood of course..


Mini baby sharks... I ate a few times in an NUS canteen, taste like hardenned chicken breast meat. Haha..

The expensive prawn with big head and little meat... Waste money one. TSK.

Here's the feast.. Mr Gan was very happy... in the end, he paid for dinner.... och well.. trying to impress my dad, is it??

But he didn't look very impressed lehhh..
Sorry lah.. daddy a bit of a tough nut to crack.. I think Mr Gan was a bit stressed out on Jakarta, about my dad. Coz he spoke like 2 sentences max..
Maybe also coz he can't speak English.. sigh.....

It's oki.. Daddy will come around.. I know it... I visualised it liao.. we, the whole family all do! (read the secret!!!)

So yeah, we went to PASAR IKAN

Means Fish Market..

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Specified Smoking Areas in Shopping Centres in Jakarta.
This is in EX. Wahh.. not bad, they can start implementing this kinda regulating, restricting projects already, without rebels doing up grafitti and getting angry abourit.... Maybe Indo is kinda... improving..

We also got to go to Cafe Dermaga which is where the bloody dirty rich people in Jakarta lives..
NOt only their houses look like fairy tale-like castles. Their backyard includes a berth for their mini yachts and speed boats...

NOt like the water is nice and clean though.. or even nice smelling...

Cafe Dermaga (Dermaga means harbour)

See the boat berthed?

Here is Mr Gan eating Bakmi Sakaw..

Sakaw is a term the Indons use to describe withdrawal syndrome for drug abusers..

They call this bakmi so, because it's so freaking spicy that while eating it, you will be sweating, shaking, blowing, like you had a drug withdrawal syndrome.

Posted by PicasaBut TOA PAI MR GAN SAID:" NOt spicy lehhh.. I can handle it..."
Maybe he's so fat that he's got a think layer of fats around his tounge and gums too...
So can't taste the chilli, is it??

Below are some family photoes...

Gan, me and Grandma.. mom's mom..=)

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Mr Gan is really one of those you can take clubbing, but also can take to see your whole family one lehh..
like me like that... heh heh....

Here's mom's whole yaya-sisterhood and their kids!!

Got 6 sisters and many kids one ok.. Don't play playy..

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At night we went to eat the REAL NASI PADANG!!!
Garuda Nasi Padang, there's one in Cairnhill PLace and VIVO.
But this Garuda Nasi Padang is the real thing lahh..
It's CHEAPER, TASTIER with about 20 times more variety,,
Psstt,, I heard ah... Padang restaurants in Indo put a bit of ganja in their spices one..
Very little amount I suppose.. but I heard that's what gives the extra oomph!
I don't know how true that is!
But everytime we eat like DAMN Shiok like that lehh.....

Here's the spread!

And below is this spiral egg I found in the curry..

The inside of the egg actually have swirls of two shades of yellow..

Interesting.. but a bit freaky... Or they have a special way of swirling while boiling?*shrugs*

We then went to PAUL's humble abode.. Paul is Bro Wit's crazy best bud.

Paul is this richman's son who is making a man out of himself.

He may not have finished his school properly (but so didn't Bill Gates).

But Paul is freaking prodigal. From early 20, he is already taking over his dad's developer's business and become the much feared Pak Paul .He is not only smart, charming and street savvy. He will go distance. That's for sure.

In terms of mulah, the laydees and the partays... the beer belly is already a good sign.

What's more, he's a dear friend of a dear brother.. So.. ok lah...

Paul keeps gun models for fun (read: for serious fun).. But really... they're fake ones for BB bullets lahh..

Sorry, Indon guys don't get to go to NS, so cant really shoot the real thing.

A bit pathetic is it?? Och well...

Way after hanging around and dirtying Paul's huge pig sty..

We went to X2! It's the latest club in town. In fact, when we went there that night, it was on its 2nd opening night only..

Wit and Paul's friend is a co-owner so we got to sneak in.. YAY! I love connections.

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Bro WIt has been complaining why Singapore doesn't have this drink: Hypnotiq.

It's lime juice-sprite like.. with a twist and it's only about 10% alcohol content or less.
And it's freaking expensive. So it wasn't my favourite. But Bro loves it.

Maybe some come and import it into the country??

Here's X2!

Paul, Wit, ??, Santo, me, Gan, Angeline, Nat, ???

I really can't remember the names of the ??? ones.. Pai seh.

Here is bro in front Melilea office. This is the company that gives my bro, dad and mom steady passive income for a year already. NO wonder Wit can afford to just slack around everyday.

Melilea is a distributor of green eeky detox powder that the whole family drinks daily to stay slim, healthy.. or for me... really to help me shit nice floaty ones, frequently... coz my bowels used to be sooooooo lazy...

I think, when the product is good and potent. Pyramid style of distribution is pretty ideal. Well it works for them anyway. I am happy.

After we shopped at Melilea, bro took us to eat all the KONRO meats..

It's Sulawesian food. (Sulawesi is the Island East of Borneo)...

The dishes were mostly barbequed, with spices...

Loved the Huge ribs..

That was our last lunch in Jakarta, we were on the way to airport liao...

So sad had to leave already... But I guess we had enough fun this time around..


Maybe I am heading there again in June......

Dad should be even nicer by then =)

Guess what?? Dad sms-ed me a Happy Birthday message a few days ago.

Although I know that it was mom who reminded him. I was still happy enough =)

I just bought him a RAOUL Belt for his coming birthday! Will give it to him when I am in Jakarta. Hope he'd like it.



At 12:37 PM, Blogger Aeric gently snorted that...

the same thing happened when a Krispy Kreme opened in Shinjuku here. I like donuts as much as the next guy but I'm not going to stand in line for 2 hours to get some.

At 8:38 PM, Anonymous your bro' gently snorted that...

ei!! some of the pics didn't come up leeeeiiii..... the one in X2...
please no excuse about my internet line damn crappy okay.. coz' dad just puit up ADSL for the home internet line...

At 10:13 PM, Anonymous hexed gently snorted that...

hanor hanor.... no pictures....

At 12:40 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

aeric: yeah 2 hours.. bloody hell.. unless they give out free donuts while u wait.. like j co

my bro: ehyyyyyyyy.. i dunno lehh.. some pics always never com out... u wanna see ur pic is it??? is this wit??
dad put adsl??? so nice ahh??? u bribed him??

hexed: arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..why no photo againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..stupid picasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

At 12:53 AM, Anonymous your bro gently snorted that...

dad put what add???? yah it's wit..

At 11:52 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

i said dad put ADSL?? wahh.. improvement lehh


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