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Monday, March 26, 2007

Esplanade Unplugged- O Krystaball

I have mentioned about my musical baby a few times.
I wrote my first musical for the Musical Theatre Society last year.
I 've been working on it and last last week, we just presented it to a panel of veterans, including Dick Lee himself, Ivan Heng, Beatrice Chia and Mommy Stella Kon.
5 musicals under Five Foot Broadway which is MTS' subsidiary was incubated last batch.
Including Ng Yi Sheng's Georgette and Alex Wang's Believe.
Yi Sheng is of course not a new name in the local play scene.
Marcelly is.
My musical is called O Krystaball.
We are now showcasing the 5 musicals at Esplanade Concourse next week.
Date: 2nd - 4th April Monday to Thursday
Time : 7pm onwards.
Admission : Free
My slot is Tuesday 3 rd April 8 pm.
O Krystaball is a simple love story, or maybe a tad too simple...
It's story of a naive girl who believes in love, and fell for a bad boy,
Their love was tested by the words of a fortune teller and the skepticism of the people around her.
It's my baby. Now it's ready for a small, simple showcase.
I love the songs.
I don't know if everyone would love it though.
It would be a simple set-up. I would be singing the songs with my babe Jackie, Garry and a talented pianist I got to know a few years back. Kenneth Ngo.
SO, if you guys decide to drop by. Let me know, I'd like to thank you for the support.
If you know any musical enthusiasts and producers, get them down too.
Maybe they might like one of the plays and get the copyright or get one of us to write then something.


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