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Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Crazy babe hitchhiked to Paris

My babe Cat had been living in Germany, India, Ireland and South Africa for the last 2 years, pursuing her jolly good enlightenment on human nature and social culture and how woman in some African tribes increase in value with the number of guys she had sex with.. and how this and that country is so dysfuncational.. and bleah.. ok nevermind, basically, she's taking Masters in Sociology. I can't wait til she comes back and tell me how disgusting the people of the world is, all over again.

The thing is. She wrote me an email.
She just hitch hiked to Paris from Germany. (Doesn't it sound like what a normal Singaporean wouldn't experience in their lifetime? Kudos to her courage)

Here's the story..

So I just got back from the craziest trip of my
Freddie and I were both broke as a joke but we
wanted to go to we decided to hitch hike to Paris...the way there was a bit of a disaster....But we got to Paris in the end...after almost being deported at the French border (because I didn't bring my passport) and very nearly escaping getting raped by 2 Turkish guys...(Celly-Geez..)
then we got another ride with a guy who just wanted to have us in his car eventhough he was going in the opposite direction of Paris...(Celly- ?????)
so we were on the road for about 5hrs getting
from Freiburg to Strasbourg and then back to Freiburg...

we were gonna give up and just head home , but we met another guy who was smoking the biggest splif in the world, who was going to
we took the ride with him back to Strasbourg for the 2nd time in 5hrs...then we took a train to Paris from there because it was already dark and it's too dangerous to hitch hike at night...but Freddie almost got thrown out of the train half way because we got
the discount tickets for people under 26 and she was she kicked up a bit fuss, started crying and
threatened to hitch hike to Paris on her own from the
next station...and the conductor let her off...hahaha...brilliant...

So we finally got to Paris at about 12am...but the hostel that we booked just before leaving was fully booked (no surprise!) and we couldn't afford to stay
at any of the hotels...a 2 star hotel was 103 euros a night!

Besides, they were all closed at that time of the we only had the option of sleeping at the metro or at the airport...we took the airport option in the end because the metro was too cold... (Celly - hmm..sounds familiar..)

So that's where we spent our first night...second night we stayed at a "couchsurfer" place...not sure if you've heard of it...but it's an online community
where people all over the world offer their couches
for travellers to stay for we found this hippie living in Paris who was willing to host us for free...was a really cool guy...totally messy but super nice...cooked us dinner and should check this website (Celly- weoww.. Cool huh! Free couch stay in Paris.. how come last time I didn't meet such friendly Parisian in Paris????)

Anyway...we set off early yesterday to avoid getting stranded in the mid of the night...but we were very fortunate with our rides back yesterday...and managed
to get home in 7 hours with 4 cars...the French people on the road were really nice...bought us coffee and all...we tried to hitch a ride from this entourage of
French tanks on the autobahn...but they only waved and smiled at us...too bad....would have been cool...a traffic police also stopped to tell us to be careful...he offered to take one of us as a joke...but ofcos cannot lah...

So that's a summary...was intense...crazy...but we had a great time...we spent less than 80 euros for the 3 days...wasn't too I'm back in's nice to be back in my own bed...

Ok...gotta go...meeting friends in town for coffee...such is life in in town is
the highlight of the day...damn sad...



And I think travelling the world really changed her. She's a total tough cake now, eh.

Ahh.... I think I want to try hitchhiking from Bukit Batok to Yishun.


PREASEEE HORRR.. Singaporeans are so KIASI!

And you think we have couchsurfer member in Singapore?? I'll be damned. But maybe hor...

But also, I think, hitch hiking from Jakarta to Bali, noone would survive either.
Generally, angmohs still have a lot more integrity than Asians, I think.
Though of course crime rates are high in Europe too. *shrugs*.. Just thank God she's fine.



At 10:42 AM, Anonymous jinx gently snorted that...


At 7:08 PM, Anonymous WinterAngelzzZ gently snorted that...

Hey Celly babe!!

How've u been???Its been a looooongg tx since I last leavin a comment here..It's the internet fault back hm..damn slow due to the Taiwan's earthquake..jus to open ur website takes like ages to open & alway hang..*arrrghh* anyway,Im back in Aussie again!*sigh* missed u again durin Xmas06..nvm..there's still chance when i go back again =) oh yea..btw where's Paulaner??

At 12:35 PM, Anonymous kwee bo t kwee gently snorted that...

Chubby girrrl!!!!:=)

I thought U on diet? Going for Miss Jakarta?????...

Maybe Miss Bukit Batok laah for now horr...

At 4:53 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

winterangelz: hey babe.. when u back here again???? paulaner is opp suntec there. but im not singing anymore tho.. i be performing at esplanade unplugged musicals in april instead.

okies.. let me know when ur back again. take care =)

kwee: very farnee thanks for pageants lah anyway.. cheers!

At 11:33 PM, Anonymous blackcat gently snorted that...

The pretty tomboyish girl with short hair still sings at Paulaner?

Want to request her to sing the song entitled Home...

So, see you in action on April.

At 9:55 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

blackcat: nope.. belyna is no longer there thou. not that i know of anyway.

yup.. lets catch up soon. u and jeremy!


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