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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happy Drinking Parties

If you hadn't known me better. I love parties.

Hmm.. yeahh... I love love love parties..

Because I love seeing my friends gathered together. Eating, drinking, playing cards, puking, dancing, flirting and sometimes screaming.. at me, that is..heh heh.

So, many of the photoes are gonna be mostly them and me looking plastered.

We went to Riverine while chubby bro was still here in January.

The bunch was happily playing cards..Drinking Dai Ti

I cant remember what I was doing. But I think I looked kinda happy.

Happy as a guppy..

Now bro looks kinda happy too!

Here is Gan, Jac and Gan's girlfriend #2, Dr Tang.

Here is Jac, Viole, Sham, my armpits, me and 1/8 of Bro.

Here is AGAIN me and lovely bro.. I cant remember what he was going to tell me.



Or.. what he was gonna do to me....

Aren't we like soooooooooooooooo loving???????

We are one big happy family.. haha


Geez.. Anyway, not long after that outing, I threw Dr Violet Tang a birthday party at Cafe Del Mar. (Man, that place rocks.. but the service is piece of SHIT! I am serious! I had to run around the whole bloody place to look for bartenders.. HELLO???? You think we'll come back even if the decor and concept rock?? I DONT THINK SO! .. I think they're also under staffed.. Tsk..)

And yepp. that's about where we had the drunken bikini the jacussi...

More on that..

Coming up..!!



At 9:17 PM, Anonymous jinx gently snorted that...


At 11:27 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

uh huh

At 8:47 PM, Anonymous Nang bo ti nang gently snorted that...

'These guidelines are written in a matter-of-fact style that eschews jargon, the obscure and the insular. They are intended for use by the novice and the experienced alike.'

(from the United Kingdom Evaluation Society 'Guidelines for good practice in evaluation')

That was me after a few drinks at River...hehehe

At 11:42 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

nag bo ti nang: dude........i have no idea what youre talking about.. he heh..
but River does wonderful thinsg to people i spose.


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