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Monday, December 04, 2006

Sale of Vietdian bride

Ladies and gentlemen.

I love my friends. Sigh.
Eventhough they are mostly lovably retarded.

Anyhow, I threw Viet best babe, Jackie, a mini belated birthday bash last last last Saturday. (overdue I know.. heh heh). I just loved it when I visited the Indian pubs in Boat Quay, so I threw the mini party at Khazzana, Circular road there.

To make it merrier..

Me, Violet and Sandy also bought her a Gaghra joli. I think that's how you spell it.

It's this Punjabi dancing costume, or some sorts.. very pretty, complete with the long sash, bindi and bangles all.. It was so difficult to find, bargain and alter the bloody dress.

Me and Sandy walked around Tekka Market one afternoon, almost kanna assaulted, for bargaining and asking so much, Lol. Joking lah. I also bought one in the end..

Anyway, we forced her to wear it at Paulaner last Saturday, before heading to Khazzana, and after her 3rd beer. after she was a bit lala already... so she relented..

WHilst in the cubicle I yelled at her :" Might as well keep your skirt down lah.. we're gonna take it off for you anyway.."

So, she openned the cubicle, walking out with her denim skirt rolled up to her waist.

Hehe he.. so adorable huh?

She donned up successfully in the end..

The lass was happy like farg... Here's evidence:

Meet ..Madam Jackiebala d/o G subramaniam

.. told you she happy like farg.. =)... (MUAXXXXXXXXXXX)

Here is Jac amd amanda..

Here is me and Jac, the very sophisticated Indian bride.

After finishing my gig at Paulaners' , we finally all went down to Khazzana, a couple of more friends were waiting there.

Indian pub will of course play.. banghra music.. and nothing else.

So, it was all SWELL!!!!

There were other belly dancers working there, donning their pretty Gaghra Jolis too.
They were dancing around the guests, getting tips.. ah.. I see.
The trend there is that people will tip them with ten dollar notes each time.

Here is Belly lancer Jac after more beer.

She was working so hard at it, swaying hips, butts, all..
So i humoured her and gave her ten bucks too.

KNN she lagi happier..

We then sat her down for a jug of beer,, birthday girl gets special treatment.

But Tsk.. sigh.. so chor lo..Lucky no need to provide dowry for this silly Indian bride. No deal. No sale.

Here is Violet and Jackie.

Here is Jac, Amanda, Bev, Sand

Jackie and Sandy..

Sitting at the sofa for a bit and she couldnt sit still , she started lurking around and saw something she likes..

Like already then must copy...

She was plastered man.. damn drunk., damn hilarious.. damn sporting..
I think the belly dancers there felt threatened, coz Jackie kept getting tips...



This was one of her efforts..

Oh side track a the right of me, Stephen and Amy (x) rated.. also very happening sial...

Here are Om, Amanda, Kelvin and Eu-tjin

Here is Sand, Violet and Beverly.

Violet and Beverly again..

Welcome to Alhambra

Here's the host.. I was so busy taking pictures, this is the only photo I had that night!!

Okay.. back to the drunk Indian birthday girl..

She is working her ass man.. DEMANDING FOR TIPS by then!!!!

TSK!!!! WHat audacity... but she was cute lah.. so it's ok..

Here is Jac collecting more tips.. more like DEMANDING for more tips..

Hahaha... damn funny.. poor Kelvin..He passed her a 2 dollar notes and she complained.. she even chose her own tips one from his stash of mulahs... Yes, this is my dear best friend, a scholar you know? Engineer you know. Very smart you know.


But anyway, got tips already, must perform some stunts..

ah.. He get the stuff he paid for.. or somesing lidat.. I think he wished for refund.

She kept hissing :"Damn angmohhh damn stingy!!!!!!!!"

Then she started to work on Eutjin, was she tickling him?
Damn, she's good, he gave up and slipped a pack of fags into her skirt.. Well done.

vio jac mouth to chest

Violet then also want give.. (wah.. now everyone wants to give her something huh????
Here was the stunt... Violet was very very high too, by the way.

Anyway... she messaged me the Monday after, "Babe... I came home with quite a bit of money, how much was yours??"

Hahahaha... She got us beer the week after, so it's fair, she earned at least 40 bucks that.. night.. Tsk.. my next birthday I must do this too..

Okay that's that.

I haven't been blogging is it?

SORRY LAHHH WENT FOR HONEYMOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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At 6:09 PM, Anonymous WinterAngelzzZ gently snorted that...

Celle babe!!

how've u been??Been pretty bz w exams tt's why didnt have the chance2drop u a note or two..hehe..pardon me alright? =b anyway some update for u...Im back 4rm aussie!!!hope to see u performin this tx round..will u be performin durin Xmas eve or Xmas day??I'll be stayin in spore durin the festive season.. =)

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winterangelz: hey babe.. yup shd be.. wed thurs sat normally. except this week.. sat change to fri.. =)

let me know! u got my hp rite? if not drop me email i give u =)

barffie: oh.. choli not joli harrr...

hehe go tekka market and bargain babe.. i show u whish shop i got bargain from... if u wan u can email me


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