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This blog was started once upon a time when a young girl at school didnt know better but thought otherwise. So the way earlier entries can be crass and words inappropriate so please don't judge. As now the person has evolved into someone older and wiser (hopefully) ..:.... But some of the entries were classic and hilarious so I don't have the heart to delete them :@ Well we were all young (read:wild) once, right?

Friday, December 24, 2004

K1&M 2001- LOve STORY 1

THis is Kenny & Celly Wu (1997-2003)

THe bugger now Works hard to become Dr Wu soon !! Dang.. I will need you to do liposuctions and botox fer me in decades to come!!huehuehue... Posted by Hello

We met at 16 (way too wee to know that happy ever after is a fatamorgana)
Kenny used to chase me around lower school in Concord College with a lil squiggling mouse in his leather box.. how charming!!
First thing he noticed was my loudness at the dining hall during dinners
.. -The Indon table and the Taiwanese table were at 2 different far end.. But he somehow kept noticing this really annoying laughter everytime he tries to eat dinner in peace.. But oh well.. he grew into it.. hehehe.. I will always treasure every memory we shared....( And there's toooo many!!!) We shared just about the most unforgettable memories coz they were so stooopid....such as... going to Birmingham with hotels paid and 10 pounds left in wallet!! SO we ended up in the hotel room eating instant noodles for 2 days.. ok ok. thats after we spent 100 pounds on the first night.. on bowling and Korean barbeque.. and the bugger slipped the rest of the coins into those fruit machines and lost em all.. thanked god I lied about the 10 quids i had left in the wallet...else.. we'd be eating boiled carpet pieces and shower soap in the hotel..
Or.. the night we camped in Tai Chung (TWN-his hometown).. (with a donut shaped tent.. coz he dun freakin noe how to build it!!) right next to the road!!! opposite someone's house up on a hill.. Coz we got there too late.. (blame his friggin old crappy bike which needed to be started every 30 metres)... And the camp was either closed or we were lost in the forest up some hill.. The tent!It took 2 hours to build it.. coz he plugged the connecting rods into the soil!!!!!!!!! WTF..apparently he thought it was the 'root' of smth.. so we spent another hour scrapping the soil out.. then then.. there were 2 layers of the tent.. inner and outer and I was so friggin tired by then I couldnt be bothered to align them properly so the zip didnt match and we had to almost topple the whole thing over to get in and out..

Oh yess... we brought charcoal, meat and corns.. but this stray dog (actually.. probably the neighbour's dog) stole the meat when it was cookin and we were in the tent havin some hanky panky.. hehe.. oh well.. we ate the corns anyway.. And by 5 am in the morning.. holy shit!! so noisy!!! all the trucks and lorriess.. like bloody traffic jam right outside the tent.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How romantic!! We had to pack and coz we din wanna seem like it was a failure outing.. we had to stick around town before going home at lunch time and told them (Steve and his parents) how greatttt the camping was.. how beautiful the hill was.. Though in the end.. I couldnt take it anymo.I started yelling and the cat went out the bag..

Actually.. there was one good romantic outing.. when we went to Cornwall.. SOuthern England.. he nicked his bro's crappy car (A Vauxhall Carlton which broke down and was scrapped a week after the trip..before they bought the eagle winged Toyota Sera).. and drove down the small small town... So nice!! all the wood fired fire place.. the chimneys.. very very nice English old town.. and it was just the two of us.. And we met this tiny 'fish n chips' shop owner( I mean the shop tiny, the owner was monstrous).. who lined the whole shop with alll the videos of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.. a big fan apparently ...

Other than that! Man... Most of our dinners.. dates.. watever.. even in Londons.. were spent wherever the fruit slot machines are (he calls it' lau hu qi' (tiger machine)Vah..!! )
ONe time we got so broke in England coz he finished all the $$ .. and we had to buy all the freaking Sainsbury ECONOMY series home..
Like 70 pence 500g rice.. 9 pence baked beans.. and 11 pence white bread!!! Before I flew home one time.. just in case he was gonna go broke again.. I stocked his drawers with 20 cans of Sainsbury Economy baked beans.. We didnt even have money to move house from Botley road Oxford to Gloucester Green Oxford.. We had to nick 5 -6 supermarket trolleys.. gathered his gangster pals.. all damn bo liao Hongkies and Taiwanese .. about 10 of them.. to stock up the carts and pushed them all the way to town.. about 40 mins walk! at 3 am in the morning.. They had to do 2 rounds.. but I think in the end one of them gave up and decided to pay for taxi for the rest of the goodss..I wouldnt know coz I was asleep by then.. so freaking tiring!...
Look at the kind of shits I go through to stick to one boyfriend!!! 6 yrs leee!!!!
Look at how much loveeeeeeeee I have... Why always give to the wrong people????

But Kenny was the sweetest dear ever... though very bo-chup, lazy and he has got no proper direction in life.... especially at that time.. when he spent 9 to 10 at Shipley's the amusement centre and the rest of it at the 001 taxi waiting room where the fruit machines were available all nite long.. He wuz Gettin kicked out of school dunno how many times.. gone broke even more times... stayed over at the police stations dunno after how many fights..

But that was once upon a time, 6 yr long rollercoaster has come to its end..
He has now settled with someone sweet in Shanghai...

".. Well.. If you cant be with the you love.. then love the one you're with... Aite???
*slap myself twice over*...
So.. well done gurl.. I know he adores her now... Happy for her la. (really la..).. She's a nice gurl.. pretty hot chick too... Tho... I've got some tips for the babe ....Tips on how to maintain Kenny:.. well.. remember that he doesnt flush the toilet often.. he pees all over the bowl coz he doesnt lift up the flap ( I think it's a Taiwanese thing).. sometimes he leaves some shit on his undies.. so go get more tissue hankies in the toilet, he needs to use a lot!!!!!!!!.. he doesnt like to brush teeth b4 he sleeps.. so force him to do that.. .. reminds him not to eat too much salt coz the poor poot is losing hair.. and make him wash feet often.. coz he was damn notorious in Concord for having the smelliest pair ever!!!
Other than that he's perfect.... SO... cheerio!! basket.. her sex life must be damn happening now.. bloodeeey hell.. heuheuheuheue


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What sweet memories eh? =)


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