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This blog was started once upon a time when a young girl at school didnt know better but thought otherwise. So the way earlier entries can be crass and words inappropriate so please don't judge. As now the person has evolved into someone older and wiser (hopefully) ..:.... But some of the entries were classic and hilarious so I don't have the heart to delete them :@ Well we were all young (read:wild) once, right?

Friday, December 24, 2004


Elisha & Half smashed me at Zoukout Dec 04, dark chocolate VS white chocolate aye? CHeck out the stark difference...... Posted by Hello

We met at Cocco Latte on Halloween's night.. guess what he found on the on the spider webbed podium? A prancing Chinese Ghost in Kimono (AKA yours truly)... bah!..

Comin clean.. he's prolly the cutest livin thing I'd ever get my hands on..

The bloke's pretty wicked.. he can immitate so many different English accents.. dunno why whenever he does it.. I will crack up.. and I wasnt just being polite.. he's pretty damn good..
He'd do Welsh, Cockney, French, Italian, Spanish, Honkiee "Ashhk1 mah3 teet4-cher2 yarrr1.."
(see.. complete with intonation.. try it!)

but I do Scottish the best tho.. "Yo, motey..Gout yor foggs oot!, yoo knoew.. gout yor foggs oot".. " Whoot??Yoow wonkkeorr!" Just pronounce everyword with you lips curled into a round O and you're halfway there.. haha..

Elisha's got the freakiest fingers I have ever seen in mah life!! For real..
They look like twigs of a tree.. All the joints are like permanently bent.. heuhue... sorry I dun hv snapshots of them to proove it.. mebbe next time.. when he's on mag or smth..
We once passed baskets of watermelons and papayas at Arts Canteen. Me being the footballer wannabe and he the real rugger, I suggested me stealing them melons and he the papayas..
Then Jac smartly pointed out how he would get caught coz he would have to pass the bleedin papayas backwards... heuheue.. nincompooty ruggers! I hv yet to learn to appreciate rugby.. geez. 5 secs after every whistle blow and the blokes are in a bundle again! Where's the ball? ehh.. no wonder the ball or watever they call it.. is in that papayaic shape.. coz even it were to be round.. it will end up like that anyway, crushed and flattened one too many times in the games..
Ruggers may seem muscular and all.. but really.. few of them actually have 6 packs.. haha.. They have big calves for sure.. and strong arms.. but abs? nah.. plus all the dosage of beer they consume after every match.. wuiihh... nope.. no abs..

The only rugby match I've watched to date.. was donkey yrs ago.. Concord College Vs Shrewsbury Highschool,England.. Of coz we were trashed like shiiit.. thanked them for one mercy goal.. 1-28!!! Way to go Concordians!!!
We really wanted to support Concord, being patriotic and all.. but the match took place only in a good half of the field.. our half!!!... English hooligans just kept comin our way.. nope.. never reached the other side, bundles of men appeared (furthest) 5 metres from Concord's goal, and movements were uni directional!!... so.. we sat there and sianed.. we didnt even know how to cheer, how to? Damn stoppid la....we just hoped noone got killed in the game... Kenny wuz playin.. but he sucked too..I thought the saviourr would have been Eric the grasshopper who was way to skinny to be playin rugby.. I reckoned once he's gotten the ball, someone could just run and bump into him.. hard enough to send him flying to the opponent's goal and wuiihh touch down...! Nah.. never happened... I wonder where Eric is now.. de last I saw him was in London.. hmm..

Back to banana boy.. (in case u hv weird thoughts abt moi callin im banana.. dats coz his chinese is crap shit and he speaks French in place of dat plus he's how angmoh huehue.. so white outside yellow inside ok?..)
Well, if you havent noticed, he was crowned the New Urban Male winner 2005.
flash news aye..

Anyway, fiery sparks finish chop chop.. too long and ppl might get cao da...

Heuheuhe.. I am so mightily magmanimous.... *hiaks*


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