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This blog was started once upon a time when a young girl at school didnt know better but thought otherwise. So the way earlier entries can be crass and words inappropriate so please don't judge. As now the person has evolved into someone older and wiser (hopefully) ..:.... But some of the entries were classic and hilarious so I don't have the heart to delete them :@ Well we were all young (read:wild) once, right?

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


V for Valentine? For Valley? For Venus? For Verrry indifferent from other days?

I spent it at home with mom of course. That was Very Nice.

Happy Valentine's Day eVeryone!

By the way, on a side note, guess what's my biggest present for new year and Vday?

Flowers? not a chance...

Spa vouchers? I wish...

It's... ACNE outbreak! How lovely..
Now, my once porcelain, flawless complexion is looking worse than bombed Iraqi cities.

I am probably better off telling people I'm contracting chicken pox.

They'd probably buy it...

Anyway, this was a conversation over msn that occured today.
I was 'quin' and Decai was "DC: What are you looking for?"

"quin"------------------------ says: eh dude.. what are you looking for?

"DC-what are you looking for" -says: eh..dunno leh..

"quin"------------------------- says: I help you look laa.. where u put?

"DC- what are you looking for "-says: Arghhhhhhhhhhh .....

Hmmm.... Am I losing my funny brain cell?

Today Paul Marion AKA Muthu submitted to me his own Ambigram of his name!!!
Having been inspired by the bestseller Angels and Demons, he doddled away during lecture and came up with his own masterpiece. I'll show you below..... Turn it upside down and you'll read the exact same thing. Marvellous. He should really be getting his Pullitzer.


At 2:55 AM, Blogger loreday gently snorted that...

Hi! I can't believe all what you write in this blog everday. Today is the first day I've written something in my new blog. I hope you look at it and tell me your opinion. I'm a spanish girl and don't worry, S. Valentine has been boring for me too. My boyfriend has just left me and I'm quite confused. See you soon!


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