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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Gong Hey Fatt Choy..

It had been raining in Jakarta while I was there, but this would actually mean good fortune ... downpouring on you.. yay!

Mom's Bakmi Apin is sooo busy you cant see the owner's ass (it's an indon joke.. nvm)...

I had been pizzed floorwards thrice during my too-short-too-be-wicked trip back to motherland.. not very good is it? First crime was comitted at Bliss/Loft25 where me lurvely cousin Lia took me to see her 'big boss' Regent , who determinedly spoonfed me 'illusion' in petite goblets, at least ten times.. I was rockin the dance floor before I was all over it... shame!

Second one was at... Vertigo/X-Lounge and so was the third one, both comitted in a row...

The trips became a few more reunions, with pre historic friends like Joe, Erwin, Ira and Hendra.
This reunion entails me spending my hong baos away rather than receiving some though...

But it was all good... worth the hole in the pocket...

I went to Dapoer Babah to see some old friends before the 2nd Vertigo trip. Dapoer Babah was this neat boutique eaterie with a Dutch-Batavia fusion theme. Very lovely.. Very Costly..
One look at the menu (hence the prices) and I felt full..

Heh.. no lahh.. I was on a bakmie diet...

But the food there seemed like the kinds you can easily get at Wartegs ( Jakarta kampung style road side hawkers--the kinds too poor to get u spoons or proper chair),.. only the portions smaller, the plates bigger and the prices jacked up ridiculously.

So the only thing I bought there was a pack of fags. Anyway, I was too busy commuting between Ira's table and Cokro's table the whole night. No time to munch.

Wait a min, I din mean to hi-lite my trip back with cheonging sessions only.

I spent the day helping out at mom's Bakmi Apin aite!
The newly opened little humble eaterie was so busy within the first week, we were so relieved! At least we got the ball rolling...
All mom's relatives were so helpful and supportive, suddenly..belonging to a close-knit family has a whole new meaning.

Afternoon of CNY, we went to maternal grandma's, in fact, she's the only one I have left.So we better treat her like a crystal vase. She went on pilgrimage to Israel on Monday though.

At night, We all went to Palm Beach and afterwards I adjourned to Four Season's, I saw Erjin,etc again after a long time. Ting and Ngelin were there too.

Seeing dad again was good. He's not as fierce this time. In fact, quite nice. He's probably forgiven me for being angry at his misdemeanours. He's painted the house like a kindergarten though. Sitting at the dining table while turning your head 360 degrees, you will be lavished with sights of yellow walls, green walls, red-brick walls, purple upper portions, orange walls, colourful walls of abstract motives and blue walls.

Apparently, it's for good feng shui or luck welcoming thingy, or he was just turning it into a temple.... Man... I didn't know the panoramic value of the house had to be jeopardised.

Speaking of temple.. Kenny used to fish for dollar notes out of the donation box in his dad's temple in Tai Chung.. BAdddddd boyyy...

Ok.........., boooooring confessions, lets take a look at some pictures...


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