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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Suntec Fair and NDP!!!!!!!!!

Ayee.. more opportunities to learn..

Enough with the property boom and the question of : how long will the party last?
The stock market crashed a few times recently..Some hedge funds are halving in value *shudder*.. Is the tragedy over? Or is it not?


I don't have a strong heart lah.. so speculative vehicles are not exactly my favourites.

Call me boring..=)... *sigh*.. Anyhow, IF you had understood financial planning better, you'd know that not all your money should be spent right now, some need to be saved and invested for future use (retirement, blah blah blah)
If you wanna learn what you should do with those extra cash.

Check out :

Invest Fair 2007 - Suntec 25 -26 Aug

for info on the Invest Fair at Suntec.
Many MNC banks (ABN-Amro, SAXO), SGX , etc are taking part.

Anyhow, I am happy to find out that the Platinum sponsors include:


YAY! We are heavyweight!

I will be at the exhibition at least one of the days, manning Walton's booth. We are located right in front. Find me if you are there =)

So, yeah... those who still keeps Walton under KIV.. hey watch us grow..!!! =)

A short intro:

Walton is an asset management company from Canada and we have been delivering an average of 20.96%* p.a returns for the past 28 yrs. (*As audited) and we don't touch the stock market. =) So, if you still don't know what we do exactly, you may email me for one of our awareness events. NO obligations Ok! =)

So I suppose if you are an aspiring Warren Buffet, you may not need us at all.
But if you are open to just find out more about a possible replacement vehicle for the Fixed Deposit that's been doing 2-3% and dropping..., then you may check us out. You be the judge, I have no idea if this will fit into your portfolio.

Aite.. HAPPY NATIONAL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I am going to Walton's office later this evening to have buffet dinner, watch the live telecast of NDP and the LIVE fire works..

Aye.. I am so happy this week.

Also, Mr Gan just did something special.. Let me think of how to write it down...

Too excited lah..


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At 12:56 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

=) finally made you say smth different

At 3:25 PM, Anonymous Blackcat gently snorted that...

I forgot something....I think you need to give a treat at Lao Pa Sat for the promotion...heheh:))

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hehehe.. ok lah.. can


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