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Monday, July 31, 2006

Welcome to the FyUgly World

Funnily, these days, I've never been busier, people to meet, deals to make, pubs to patronise, band to sing with, friends to make,.. things to do.. things to clean up..


A lot of issues went through my mind recently.

Some made me reasses my self worth.
Some made me realise how fyugly the world is.
Some reminded me how men are simply disgusting animals, really.

And I am not talking about heart breaks.

I am talking about men with power, with money, with status, with EGO, with no brain, with disgusting perception and attitude towards pretty younger ladies.

More than a year ago, I went for an interview.
An important director of a Huge Singaporean Company was offering me a position.

Over wine, cheese and a show-around, The interview went on more than smoothly. We talked about my qualifications, my visions, my interpesonal skills, my hobbies, his hobbies, his visions.... I was getting the job.

We then went for dinner where for a moment I realised.. damnn.. he was looking at me.

This is getting so scary. He was handsome for his age, which I would reckon to be late 40s. Very fit, very charismatic man with his smarts and slicks. His names came out in papers occasionally. But still.. I mean he's probably married. I mean, I wouldn't even dream of him making a pass at me. Though I suppose, possible.

Okay lah. look only nevermind right?? People quite pretty what...

So nairmind. We talked more on Indonesian market, businesses, what my dad does, people whom he knows, contacts whom I know.. blah blah yadah yadah..

So, he offered to drive me back. Heh. It was like way out of the way.

But I thought, whatever lah.

In the car, we spoke some more and out of an exciting conversation, his left hand flew from the steering wheel to my lap. Briefly. But more like tapping, or slight slapping.

Gave me a shock. I then rested my handbag on my right lap from then on.

I hated it. Shyite man, what was that for????? I hate the fact that I wouldnt dream of offending him, because of his stupid fyucked up status whatever SHITE, though I probably would slap him if he did go wayyyy beyond that. But at that time, I guess I was still stunned.

Naturally, I turned down the job offer.

I saw him again a few months back at Riverine, he was loitering around. He asked me if I still want to work for him. Eh.. sorrry. I am not the kind who would sleaze my way up to the top.

This is not the only case, mind you. I have tons of drinking kakis who are MDs lah.. directors lah.. VPs lahh.. CEOs lahh..and not all of them are filled with integrity to the brim. Most are lacking big time. All are probably as old or older than my dad.

Having grown up with less than half a dad, well, I guessed I've always missed that father figure. I never saw anything wrong with making such good friends with them. I have friends of all ages, from those very young to those very old, anyway.
Yes, those men were good business acquaintances. And they seem thrilled at the thought of the company of a pretty young woman who can hold a good, witty conversations from music, to business, current affairs, engineering stuffs, to investments to politics.

Excuse me. I am not a bimbo.

My line of work involves a hell lot of mingling and PR with people from all walks of life.. from high net worth people to contractors and everyone else.

Some of those bosses, are very very nice, indeed, but somehow, at the back of my mind, the phrase: "All men are animals" never stop ringing.

All men are animals.

Same thing with those damn bosses. I see some going to KTV, grabbing nubile ladies like there's nothing wrong with it. In Jakarta, in China, even in Singapore. I am pretty damn sure my dad does it too. It comes with the job as a business man. This is the side dish they like most.

Everywhere lah. The same. The world is ugly yah?
Isn't it disgusting to think that one of them could be like my friend's friend's dad or something. Or long distance uncle or something.

The same rule applies.

They're all the same.

It's sad.

Sometimes, I wonder where the line is. Friendliness and sleaziness.
Is putting the hand around the shoulder okay?
Is putting hand on the small of the back okay? how about waist??
Ahh.. what if they're a bit tipsy? Can cut them some slack? Absolutely not.

Mind you, I've slapped at least 3 men for squeezing my arse. They fyucking deserved it.

I hate these RUDE! physical contacts.

If it's just slightly offensive to me, like a tap on the arm or slight grasp on the shoulder or waist, I would normally just wry away or something.
I really would like to have the courage to say :"Please do not do that".

I have to some. But not to all. Somehow, it just seemed that it's part of ther behavioural pattern, they're just friendly that way. I may offend them by saying that. And there goes a friend.

Blardy Hell.

Hell, I am not to be compared with those comfort women, they throw themselves at the men, they are cheap skanks. This is the only way they earn dough. Poor thing I know. But they're stupid what. Me and mom believed that no matter how poor we ever get, we will never do such thing. I'd rather be a maid, a toilet cleaner or even a port coulie, rather than to ever sell my body for money. They have the lowest dignity of them all.

So sometimes, I question my self worth. Hell.. I will never go anywhere there, and yet, I am always so close by. Shite man. Sometimes I am so sick of this. I've seen how it all works, how they negotiate a prostitute in Shanghai in front of my very eyes. Argh,. How my friends pick up KTV chicks. URGH. And HOW these bosses sometimes (I fear)... may look at me with a certain different light.

World. Not pretty.

Is it so dangerous to go for beer with 4-5 old men, I do this a lot.
And they're always Atas people. I always thought that it's nice to have wiser company, I missed having a fatherly figure. I never really drank beer and talked about nothing and everything with my dad, over beer and peanuts and lots of happiness. My dad, as good as gone.

Also, I learn a lot of things from them. Tricks of the trade, their experience, I want to learn everything and they are so willing to share, especially to pretty young girls. I love their company most of the time. Interesting conversations, sharing stories, experience, business tips, etc. They can pull strings for you and give you useful contacts too. As a bonus.

Sad if. Very Sad that is, if . If they happen to look at me any other way.
Like I am some sort of a comfort woman with much much more brains and wit than the cheap skanks. Geee. I suppose in this case, being a pretty young woman is a duble edged sword. Suppose it helps that I surprise then from time to time with what I know and the fact that I know quite a bit of everything. Hell. But still. Sometimes, I wish I could turn the table around.

I want to have the power.

Sometimes I think the world is damn fyugly that I just want to run away from it all.

Is these no integrity left in the men of this world???

Big Sigh.

Okay, enough reflections and wailings.

There's so much more things in life.


Like a mother's love. So what if my dad had unofficially disowned me.

Mom has been cooking up a feast at home. It's heavenly.

I'd like to present:

BAKMEE AYAM ala Celly's mami!

Wahhaha.. one whole pot of SAMBAL!

Ahhh.... better than bak chor mee.. wayyyy better... and it's different of course..

The chilli is feisty for sure.

This is : Soto Betawi.

Indonesia has like hundreds of kinds of Soto I think.
Here in Singapore you've probably eaten Mee Soto and not much else.
Poor thing lah you guys.

This is the soto Betawi close up.. with sambal.. power..

Actually if anyone would like to try the bakmee or any other Indon cusine, I guess can always email me. Maybe can do take away services. Heh!

I want to open Indon restaurant leh.
In time.

Investors are welcomed to talk to me and try the food.. he he.

Ahh... ...

To conclude today, here's me and momi...lots of it..

We went to Cafe Iguana last week, I've been romancing her a lot !!!
Afternoon movies... chi chi dinners.. more movies.. ballet, musical.... ahhh... SO NICE--

Anyway, we cruised through Clarke Quay. She hasnt been there since,.. 1998 I think..
With my dad.. so much has changed...

mom clarke quay

We then finally decided to go to Cafe Iguana, for the cheap but blardy good Margaritas... 4.50 per glass during Happy Hour leh!

She tried her first Margarita there!!! Muahahah *evil laugh*

Momi and her BlueBeri margarita

Mom and her famous half smile.
I've been giving crash course on SMILING!

See.. i told her.. must smile like this..!!!!!!!!
hehe.. This is me beaming with my Chimichanga

She then tried smiling again.. hehehe.. laughing liao.. she's co cute,
Nobody knows she's my mom, she looks like my lesbian girlfriend or something.. huehuehueh

This is Mom n me at the bridge in Clarke quay. Thank you to the very very nice angmoh gentleman who helped us take the photo.

Last but not least..

That was yours truly, Fully metrosexual AKA Vain x 1000%..

Peace out....



At 4:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

Hi Celly,

Can't agree with you more on the scumbags which now come in forms of high-flyers; rich, educated, gd looking but are wolves in sheep-clothing! And you will be amazed what malicious ways their shrewd minds are always coming up with ways to hurt others for own beneficial gains.

And till the extend that even the ah-bengs now have more integrity than them. At least they are not hypocrites nor sleazy lechers or scheming sneaks - what you usually see is what you get.

a reader

At 4:58 PM, Anonymous Jay "Me? Animal?" Walk gently snorted that...

Well, I don't deny that the animals (male or female) are out there mingling among us.

However, on the same token there are the real gems amongst them as well.

Perhaps it is our own onus to have to sieve out the good from the bad.

Good luck.

p.s. Man... those chilli looked soooo good!!! *drooling*

At 6:49 PM, Anonymous blackcat gently snorted that...

Actually, I have something to say about your first few para but I damn sure to get a scolding from you as usual. So perhaps I better not comment.

Anyway, I'm now a partime baby sitter to the sweet pretty little girl we had dinner with. Btw, she's taking higher chinese so maybe I can improve my mandarin and also learn to speak a bit of tagalog...hehe...

I asked her whether she finds you pretty on our way back home. She said you are pretty but too fierce looking laah unlike your mommy.:=)

At 8:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

You look so so much like your mum. If I hadn't read and only look at the pics, I'd have thought it was you :P

cool mum

At 11:26 PM, Anonymous WinterAngelzzZ gently snorted that...

Hey Celle babe,

I really do believe there's so many hypocrites out there which u've described..MEN are like tt..
When I was workin as credit card promoter(if u do rem tt along orchard rd/shoppin malls like suntec there's loads of credit card rdshows)2yrs back when im in poly..All the ppl Ive met while workin are all v nice2me but this stupid man ruined evything!!This particular man tt I've met has violated me tt way..As promoter I need2go up2ppl & ask them whether they will wanna get a new card since its free for life-annual fee(UOB mini)..then this particular man slapped my butt after Ive finished writin dw all his particulars & went off leavin me stunned!!Im so shocked until i donno how to react eh..stupid me..& to think tt the man bout the age of my dad!!Far out!!I simply dont get it why men think tt we women can be treated this way eh??

on happy thoughts..I love CHILLIS!!cant live w/o chillis i tell ya..evything i eat i need chillis..& darn Aussie sometx we cant find really spicy chillis(chili padi) in Coles/Woodworths..I will love to taste ur mom's cookin eh..nv really try real authentic Indo food b4 eh!!
U really do look like ur mom!Beautiful! =)

At 12:06 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

anonymous: yeah!! you;re so right! hahaha.. i shd go befren the ahbengs now..

jaywalk:.. ah// come come try the bakmee lah

winterangels: OH MY GOSHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I hate hate hate hate this sort of men.. i promise if one day i become rich and powerful.. i will do all i can to curb all these happenings!!!!!!!!!! catch them cut their hands offfffffffffffffff
and put their face big big on newspaper the next day :


blardy helllll..................

N when u are next in Spore, come my house and have some indon food lah babe..

blackcatL: heuheuheuhueue czerina thinks im fierce ah.. heuheuheue... i am what..
u can babysit meh?

At 3:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

I love reading your blog. Your entries seem to contain genuine thoughts. This particular entry certainly hits the spot for me. Thank you for sharing, as it's helping some of us realize we're going through most of the same things in life.

At 3:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

p.s. The noodle looks sooo good! Perfect with the chili.... reminds me of bakmi gm... yummm!!!

At 12:02 AM, Blogger Adrian gently snorted that...

True, men are animals, but then women are ho's too. Bitches ain't shit but ho's and tricks, as Dr. Dre said. I think there are rotten apples in both camps ba.

At 12:45 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

anonymous 1: ah.. thank you!! I suppose I have this funny weird courage/smth else to divulge my life to the rest of the world.

bakmi gm.. hrehehhe taste better than bakmi gm!! wanna try?

adrian: yes dude. but trust me.. more bad apples on ur side.
way more.. u are one of those God's gift lah dude. ur darling is one lucky girl.

At 10:10 AM, Anonymous blackcat gently snorted that...

What to do...need to earn an extra income laah. Btw, hope you'll enjoy the national day's firework. I'm lucky, I can see them from my flat.

No matter what you do, please don't become a teacher. Your intense look sure frighten the children...hehez...

At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

Hi Celle... better than gm noodle, eh? I'd love to try your mom's homemade noodles!!!!!! Slurrp... But, perhaps next time I go to s'pore (I live in states now). There is no noodle here that looks or taste remotely close to what we have back home.

At 3:55 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

blackcat: aitt... note taken.

anonymous: okay.. tell me when ure in town next time then...

At 4:26 PM, Blogger Claudia Tan gently snorted that... much chilli mix on the bakmi...after eating,later go pang sai...Hot sial...haha...anyway go to Jakarta quite often...luv the bakmi,oxtail soup n nasi padang...Shiok man...

At 4:53 PM, Anonymous blackcat gently snorted that...

Need to tell U something....I asked my colleague to look at your blog and the detox webpage. Actually, he was looking for a good detox product as he just got back to work after undergoing some sessions of chemo. As your latest pictures look kind of good so I told him that your complexion was due to that detox powder.

He said that though you look very garang but kind actually. However, emotionally not that stable. I think that chemo and the radiotherapy gave him some psychic powers...:)

At 8:53 PM, Anonymous WinterAngelzzZ gently snorted that...

Tat's a deal babe!oh gosh thinkin of chillis make me drool... *yumyum* =b

I wish to see u perform(sing)when i get the chance back in SG eh! =) *hugs*

At 10:11 PM, Blogger Alex gently snorted that...

u're a dead ringer for ur mom. so this is how u will look when u grow old huh. orhhhh....

At 11:58 PM, Blogger No need for it.. just things and are stuff for gently snorted that...

Aih, good to see you and mom doing so well....

ur entry horr... much of an eye opener...

Yeah.. i suppose if old mens have power and money, all they could do now is enjoy life.. in every single way they could.. to escape boredom..... and supposedly these dudes are just intrested in such things scares me somehow.. in a strange way... that's why must play more games now.. so i wouldn't dwelve there.. HAHAHA...

Thinking of dad almost scares me too.... that old guy,... dunno what he's up to even though i live just few feet away from his room and under one roof... he's been out late nights. Sometimes i found these KTV voucher coupons on the tables...... aiey... i better not know more there....

But i have a new profound respect for you... and your species ^^ *grins*.... hahahaha

Sophisticated, Intelligent, Forward minded, Dilligent, ambitious, Vibrant, Confident.. you know all that jazz.........

The old mold sure has been broken slightly... last time many ladies end up being house wives (remember how young mom got married??)... just goes to show where this is going eigh???

Mom looks healthy.. and thats great... i hope you guys have a great time horr... hehehehe

At 1:02 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

claudia: hehehhee.. ya man.. i miss jkt food.. lucky my mom here cook everything i miss.. yay!!!
come come eat!

blackcat: so u got tell him about melilea anot? might help you know?

btw, i think dont need psychic power to tell i got emotional instability heuheuhe... it says all in the blog. in the wailing.. in evereything. i spose..

winterangelz: yay!! come back come baxk soon!!

alex: doubt i be that pretty when old thou..

Derwin: Darlingg bro..yeah keep an eye on your dad bro.. tsk tskk.. he naughty naughty is it?
yes ur mother look healthy yah.. heuheuheuhe.. she happy lah.. the other day i bought her CD of Enrigue Iglesias.. you know how much she loves him! hauheuheuheuhue

eh.. actually im not that dilligent or confident.. i still need to work on that sometimes dear..

At 1:46 AM, Anonymous Snake gently snorted that...

It's so true that MEN are animals. That's why we're also the HUNTERs in the world. Sss...:I
Having said that, I must mentioned a quote that I've heard quite offern,'it takes 2 hands to clap'. Adam would not have eaten the forbidden apple had Eve not given it to him. Sss....:I
Integrity among the rich is usually non-existance, otherwise, how to become rich? Sss...;P
Are women any better then MEN when they used their sex to attain what they want? Sss....:I
"let he who has no sin cast the 1st stone....". Sss....:]

At 2:16 AM, Blogger DirtyDancer gently snorted that...

men with power are the biggest culprits. most of them are horny sex fiends and they think they can get away with it. i once had a boss who would ask me to follow him to meetings... and he would take side trips to sex shops and talk to me about penis extensions and dildos. sicko la he... and i was 21. fresh out of school... and i'm by nature not a very assertive person. so i just stood there like a fricking moron and let him continue his sex talk.

oh.. but i tried to make life difficult for him. i resigned soon after and made a huge lot of noise in the HR department. don't think it worked though. cos he's still working in some high-up-there position in a large local broadcasting company.

my mum used to tell me: men+power+money = SCUM

At 3:59 AM, Anonymous GR gently snorted that...

Sorry, Didnt read your posting..too lazy lah..but nice pics though...I thought your mom was you..hahahahhaa how come you so wrinkled...then I read the caps, oh it's your mom. my bad...dont mean to imply that you look's just that you both look so much alike...peace=)

Btw your noodle & soto really make me more hungry...damn it when will my co-worker come back from buying lunch...

*note to self: never view celly's page when really hungry...

At 4:48 AM, Anonymous GR gently snorted that...

Food took so damn long, might as well read what your story...

IMO, Biz world is like that especially in Asia. Problem is they have too much money & power. They think all girls can be bought, which is almost true (except for you & few others). Cant say it's totally the guys fault, some of them might have been conditioned to be like that...too many gold digging pretty girls out there.

I'd have to disagree: men+money+power= scum (snob maybe)
It all depends on family values and motives of having so much money & power. I've seen many many rich & powerful ppl that are not even close to being a scum. Family oriented, never go massage++, etc..LOVE of money & power can turn a man into a scum. Ppl who see money & power as tools (not goals) to achieve the real goal...then I dont think he's a scum...dont get me wrong...these ppl may still try to do what your interviewer did to you...but it'd be less frequent..

Anyways, I think what you did was admirable, I've heard too many girls choose the 'other path'. Very sad. Trust me, there are some powerful ppl who value integrity above everything else. They may have just tested you, see if you're that 'kind' of girl. If not then, you'll be respected & even trusted cuz you have integrity, a rarity in today's biz world. I think when you lose your integrity, you pretty much dont have anything meaningful left in you.

Damn food still not here...I'm gonna kill my co worker...

At 5:46 AM, Anonymous blackcat gently snorted that...

He didn't read your writing when he said that but only look at your pictures..hehe. Anyway, I'm getting him a bottle. So, you watching the fireworks tom from your office? I'll just watch from my flat. I hate the traffic jam laah. Happy viewing...I believe you'll get stronger gradually despite all those wailings. Have you posted anything at surabaya yet?

At 1:13 PM, Anonymous bro no.2 gently snorted that...

MAMMIIIII... kangeeeeeeennnnnnnn... HUUAAAAaaaaaaaa.... T.T hiks hiks...
mami koq kurusann!!!!! CCCIII!!! tanggung jawab!!! lu apain nyokap GW!!!!! HUH....
GGGRrrrrr... hehehehe... =p miss you guys..

At 3:08 PM, Anonymous Darren gently snorted that...

I wish I could've seen your face as you wrote this entry especially especially the statement "they're cheap skanks". Hear hear, but I'd like to add in my 2 Chinese fen worth. We all have opinions about everything whether voiced or not, worse still, we automatically like to categorise people. I'm sure you had your opinions about me the first time we met, flattering I hope but if I remembered your expression that night, it probably wasn't. I admit, I'm just an average Joe, heck that's insulting to Joes' already. You had your opinions too about the guys at Oxford right? Ahhh but I heard a gossip regarding a drunk Celly lamenting to a girlfriend for a certain cute college-mate to take her back to his room. (I'll deny anyone who wants me to confirm) So is dignity a right or a luxury? hmmm... the average maid in Beijing earns about 90USD/mth, a sales girl 100USD/mth. The cleaner in my company has not got a salary increase in 2 years, Had her travel expense cut, housing expense and worse she can't afford the nearby canteen (1.5USD) on top of her 50USD rent and transport. Population in Beijing over 13 million. The numbers sure make dignity quite expensive but she buys it. Comes along some slobbering Rich guy paying 1000USD for 20 mins. All the girl can think is maybe I can buy fish today for my birthday. yeah the job doesn't bring a lot of respect but sometimes having a father that thinks beer is more important than baby milk makes tough living for a young girl. My grandpa spent all his savings to stowaway on a boat to Malaysia, but if he didn't I'd probably be farming in my little village if I'm lucky but if I didn't have land, had a drunk father, a mother who couldn't afford dignity... I wonder what else can I do with my hands: clean toilets for 50USD a month or clean other types of "pipes" for 1000USD? I wonder if I'll be able to factor that into my market analysis. Sure again singapore is different from here. I'm sure even teh cheapest salary can afford to buy fish sometimes. Wonder how much is their dignity worth to them then but I still find it hard to blame them if they want to use their assets for quick cash instead of investing in the perhaps more valuable route of improving skills and knowledge. Have you had any clients who want to invest in something totally ridiculous? How do you feel about them? Should investors be limited to only "wise" and "non skanky" investments? whatever la. I'm talkig in circles.

Your mom looks really happy, so like the commercial says, "somethings in life are priceless, for everything else there is ________"

At 3:00 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

heuhuehuehuee so cute..
nowadays,... the moment i open the comment page.. so much to read liao. no nid to write another entry.. huehue..

snake: im not saying there are no bag eggs among the girls. but i believe there are more rotten eggs among the males than the females..


dirtydancer: yeah babe.. know exactly how you feel. at least your boss only talk about sex only,. never do anything that funny to you. i think if one day i come across this kinda jialat shit at work, like the boss squeezed my butt or what ah.. i will not hesitate liao. i got very JAI lawyer friend. heh.
got money, got power so fyucking what. if u do indecent wrong things, u still get punished accordingly.. fyuck... stupid MEN!

bro no . 2 ( i assume DEWIT!. means u bro no.1 lahhh idiot!):

Wit.. mom is thinner but she glows.. thin good what!! she want to be slim and pretty mah. she drinkin melilea mah.. but slim is ice what? u want your madder fat fat like u meh? miss us? come back fast fast lah.. i got presents for you and WIn from FOX Jeans. huehuehue..

muax muackz..

gr: hehuehue..u mean my madder got so much wrinkles one meh?? i think she looks damn young liao leh. but i didnt know we look THAT alike.

bah! hahaha.. and nuff said about men. this man talk makes me dislike life. heuheu i want to love life.

darren: heuheuheue.. i think ur comment is a blog entry by itself.
oh dear.. please EXPLAIN UR SELF about the drunk celly lamenting to a friend about take what guy to what room back in Oxford.. please darren.. wat u toking about leh? me take some guy? or she take some guy? Kenny ah? I was with Kenny throughout ALL my days in England leh. well i know we were on and off a lot.. hmmm... argh blardy hell.. okay email abourit. is it about imran? heuhuehue.. argh.. ok email me.. bloody hell i also cannot remember . hot gossip leh.

and yes darren, i completely see your point about the girls.. yes they earn much much more. i spose if ure really pressed for money..

but.. i dunno dude. i guess there now 100% right and 100% wrong in this world. put a bit of wisdom and everything is kinda flexible. u make me feel so guilty for condemning that oldest proffesion in this world.

okay dude. admit it. so.. in beijing. u got go for the lup sup bar and ----- anot? admitt... all guys sure go one.. esp in china... or u wont admit? ok lah.. email me abouritt.. heuheue..

At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

hello, saw this ad on yahoo classifier, about indo teen looking for room.
You might wanna check it out.

At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Snake gently snorted that...

Yup! There are many bad eggs among men but no matter how bad they are, none can compare to the person who split the atoms that gave rise to the atom bomb, a WOMAN. Sss....:I
Back to the issue, no other country in the world, has laws that protects women from any issues, then SG. Just check out the women's charter & you'll be able to sue your boss for just looking at you or calling your name, etc. Sss....;P

At 1:03 PM, Anonymous darren gently snorted that...

Eh? it wasn't my intention to make you feel guilty or anything. You know la how it is in intellectual type debate... we talk and talk and talk, and in the end nobody knows who's right and who's wrong, but it's a good way to pass the time and professors get paid for it even.

Imran?!!! come on la!! I didn't even think of him until you mentioned it.

At 11:25 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

anonymous: eh thank you leh!!!!!

snake: wah.. ok i go consult my lawyer.. maybe i can sue back a lot of pl and get $$$.. then no nid to work liao

darren: ehuehuehuheheue.. aiyah..heuheuheuheuheuhe.. darren.. uehuehuehuehe... email me anyway. how u doin??

At 6:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

it's always easy to blame someone else and especially the opposite gender. we are inherently animals after all. we evolved from that. just because we're wearing clothes it doesn't mean that the instincts are gone. they are always there lurking. only at desperate times, do such behavioural patterns become apparent (or maybe the introduction of alcohol).

but where does it end? we can blame men, women, dogs, kittens, etc. at the end of the day, it doesn't help. does it?
what we are now as an individual is based on what we've gone through in the past.

i think i've rambled enough. great blog


"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards"

p.s: hope your leg is better

At 9:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

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