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This blog was started once upon a time when a young girl at school didnt know better but thought otherwise. So the way earlier entries can be crass and words inappropriate so please don't judge. As now the person has evolved into someone older and wiser (hopefully) ..:.... But some of the entries were classic and hilarious so I don't have the heart to delete them :@ Well we were all young (read:wild) once, right?

Saturday, March 11, 2006



Two babes, namely me and Michelle, went to KL.
We partied all night long on the Friday before the trip, came back about 5, slept for an hour and we boarded the luxury coach NICE..

Hmm.. quite nice.. indeed.. I thought since, we're coaching to KL, might as well go all the way...

We wanted to sleep on the coach.. but its got mini litttle teelies... so I watched The bachelor instead..

Freaking sleepy actually........

Halfway through the 5-6 hour journey, we stopped somewhere.. dunno where.. Penang , Sepang, Bagong,, or something like that.

but I like their fruit huts... wanted to buy some but too lazy...

So two sleepy, totally hang-over-ed girls touched down at KL..

SO!!! KL ARE YOU READY for two psychobitches ??

These are Mich and me posing at one of our first stops after we got to KL..

Where was it ah?? jia lat I forgot..

I forgot to turn the photo clockwise and now apologising for it..

hehehe.. this is Mich outside Lot 10 at Bukit Bintang...

opposite BB plaza..

We ate lunch/tea at this noodle joint called Only Meeee...

Ok lah.. if it was only me, I wont eat there again.. my loh mee didnt taste so good..

We shopped and shopped and we rested.. and I posed... heuheue

it was damnnnnnnnn hot can..

like Sahara desert...

I think we were tanning as we shopped...

First two hours in KL... we shopped for shoes liao..

And I bought 4 liao..

OH!! And I met my high school junior in England, Leon!!! Tan King Leon!!!!!!!


That was another damn fateful day..

The last time I bumped into Leon was like... hmm.. 5-6 years ago..

I was alighting and he was boarding...

I havent seen him eversince, til that Saturday in KL.
I was going down the escalator in Sungei Wang Plaza..
He was going up...

I saw him and I thought.. wtf..


haha.. thank goodness he recognised me stil.. This buddy of mine was my first boyfriend's best buddie.
I think Kenny used to bully him into doing all the messed up things in that god-forsaken boarding school in English kampung..

Leon was in KL for a week, he lives in KK.. I thought.. heh?? Kandang Kerbau??

He meant Kota Kinabalu actually.. The bugger owns BestMart. Tsk Tsk...

Now I wanna go KK since I got very good contacts.. Leon must be some big shot there, he seems to know everyone, since he owns one of the supermarket brands there... though actually there are only two..

But would love to go KK, I heard it's beautiful..

Anyway, great to have met him again. Kenny must be shocked if I tell him I met Leon..
We hung out abit in KL..

So... after shopping and bumping into old friends..

I was damn tireddddddddddddddddd ...

so, while MasterCard and Visa sent messages to my dad about his lovely daughter shopping ao much.. I took a rest...

Upon ressurection, Cheryl picked us up to go to Luna bar, a joint which Jason recommended...

It must be called Luna coz you can see the moon..

It's a roof top pool-side bar...

This is KL tower at nite, taken from Luna.. sorry lazy to turn the pic.. hehe

This is me and Cheryl at Luna bar upstairs ..

The view is breathtaking..

The moment I entered the pool area.. I was like... "Holy shiteeee...."

This is Leon and me at Luna..
It was great catching up with Cheryl and Leon, who both went to highschool with me at Concord College.

It was one of those conversations where we gossipped about everyone else who were not there..

"You know Cokro was caught in the wardrobe once? by Mr Marsh??


"Really??? Hey,,, remember we used to beat up and strip the birthday boys??"

"Hahaha.. and tie them to the rugby goal posts to freeze the balls off.."

"Holey moley.. you know I was expelled??"


"Hehehe.. yeah... boyfriend caught in my room... guess who caught me?"

"Mr Morris???" (principal)

"MRS MORRIS AH!!! But you know, the year he expelled me, no one else got to Oxford but I DID! But not through Concord.. too bad for him.."

" Oh man.. Mr Morris was just in KL a few months ago lor... for the reunion..
So, how are Taiwanese bad boys now?"

"Still the same lorr... still good looking but one of them is balding you know?"


"Leon, remember that time you said your room was haunted in Burnell House? You made Kenny sleep with you leh!"

"Oh..I think I was possessed man.."

"You sure it wasn't just Miss Lovegrove creeping up onto you bed..." (She's big.. wait.. HUGE.. and she was the house warden... )

"Fuck man, that'd be the end of it...!!!!!!!! I hope I was just possessed"

"Heuhuehe... I hope so too man!! So,people.. it's been so damnn long.. let's drink to our death..."...


I was happy... I was giggling... but I somehow wished Jason and his gang were there..
I was a bit homesick then..

Ah...the bar and the babe ..

This is Luna from across the pool and Michelle's arms.. does she do yoga??
So fit....

This is KL TOWER from a side view... heuheuehue..
there such thing??

We had pizzaaaaaaaaaa

So, here's pizza and Mich's armpit..

So anyway, there's this friggin hot bloke at the next table..

I leered at Cheryl and said: "babe.. that one's hot.."

She smiled.." Oh, I know.." acknowledginly..

So, I pretended to take photo of Leon...

Oopz.. not enough Zoom...

So I took a closer stalking shot..

Ok, not a good angle, real person was drool-worthy...
Tall, tanned, chisseled and oozing with MTF-bastard-git charisma. Hehe.. he was making eyes at me man... Maybe coz I was making eyes at him too much.
Anyway, he must be some kind of model with a stick up his arse or something.

He acted it anyway.

And his hat....I wanted to steal it man... WHATS UP WITH IT MANG???

Later on, we also met them at the carpark again.. His car was like parked next to Cheryl's... tsk tsk... but nevermind.. I dont long for cute guys.. I just want screwed up guys who need help.. Like those insecure, suicidal or just completely weird kind..

Huehuehue.. Damn..

Anyway, the next day we shopped somemore.. (obviously...)
And I bought more shoes (obviously...)

I think the next Malaysia advertises itself for tourism, it should have a caption like..

"Malaysia... Truly A-shoe "

or something..

We had lunch at this mamak stall.. We had to lah..
Mamak there how famous and how cheap compared to Singapore.. like half the price man...

Michelle and her Mamak lunch... sideways again.. as usual...

(Eh.. alot of photoes to upload ok!!!!! No time to turn uprigth one by one lah..)

This is MINEEEEEEEEEEE.. It was heavenly.. I had huge mug of coconut shreds and juice too..

But, somehow, right after the meal, I had to run to the hotel opposite and borrow toilet for very long...



We then headed to KLCC ..

We just had to right?
The last time I was in KLCC with my dearest bro, we had no bloody camera...

So, since I just got my 6.0 megapixels Casio Exilim...

I just snapped whatever lahh...

In fact, my lappie is exploding with pics.. I think no space for porn at all now..
Not like I have one, actually.

The outdoor courtyard outside KLCC was quite nice actually. It's got this lake.. artifical I bet (but correct me if Im wrong). But it makes that part of the bustling metropolitan greener than other parts...

This is the tower..and I of course look like shite..

I had to focus on pressing on the camera's button mah...

This is the inside of the tower..

We shopped around a little..

But guess where we end up?

Like AGAIN???


We bought more shoes (sigh...) I think VINNCI is just too nasty, always make us overshop coz the shoes are so pretty and so cheap...

VINNCI in Singapore is called VNC but it's really not half as cheap and half as good the variety as the outlets in KL...

There's something about women and shoes that is undeniable... really...

Anyway, Michelle left after KLCC.

Jeffrey picked me up at night, he promised to show me around a little. He was my hall buddy in NUS.

He took me to eat this beef noodle.. where the noodle's sauce make the noodle look damn black....

They give huge baskets of utensils too..

Like what the hell right??

Give me so much for farks ah??? TO wash ah..

Anyway, you should check out the noodle lah..It's er...different.. it's at Jalan Alor there..
Behind Bukit Bintang...

OKay lah.... before the blog entry explodes, blogging shall be adjourned....

I got like a million more photoes... I wish for IR transfer for all these bloody photoes straight to my blog man..

So leceh..

okay lah, so long..


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go to setting-->comment-->turn on word verification.

then u can stop blardy spam liao.

Welcome back to blogspot and welcome to MALAYSIA.

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whiteshepherd: errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... show me a depressing time... what do shepherds do for a living uh?
i am a land asset manager...i help people make lotsa MONEY.. =)

mengz: thank uuu again

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I'm a mechanical engineer working for a sheet metal plant. Mostly I draw air conditoner parts for Carrier, but also design all manner of brackets, cabinets, blah blah blah. Very exciting. I use the 3D Cad Solidworks, so it's really more like playing a video game than work. In my spare time I'm a recreational gynocologist, a job I absolutely love. And before I was lying a little, I can in fact show you a VERY depressing time. I see you added word verification. I sure am going to miss all that spam.

At 10:36 PM, Blogger MengZ gently snorted that...

add on:
must go to KK, ur so-called kandang kerbau.
KK is nice place for vacation, must visit all the island and the Poring Hot Spring.
I miss KK.

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poor u..i used to use a lot of solida works too.. mostly to try to get an A in the module. but its a pretty cool software uh.. in oxford we used autoCAD tho..
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mengz: yah i shd go kk soon... =)

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mengz: yah i shd go kk soon... =)

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