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Saturday, March 11, 2006

KL part deux-- II---

The journey hasn't stopped yet... or hasn't finished revealing its stories..

KL was still to be explored and conquered for the next few days.
I know Mich had left me. It was a one man show thereafter. But I had contacts.. I did not worry.
I was in KL for a mission: to relax, to party, to replay, to reminisce, to live, to learn and to conquer..

So, this is KLCC again... Can't believe Catherine Zeta Jones shot her movie here leh..That means she ate at Jalan ALor before horr...

Below is the interior of KLCC at a very interesting angle..

which is my "lazy-to-rotate-the-pic" angle...

The two studs then took me out.

Jeffrey 'Castello' Chaw who is uber cute/witty and Tze Wei.
I think I missed Jeffrey more than I thought, he used to colour our school events pink and red. He's always been the hilarious emcee. The Ali G from the East..

That night, after Jalan Alor beef noodle..We drove down to Bangsar, in heavy downpour ala Asian monsoon..

Bangsar : An unequal equivalent to our Muhamad Sultan, coz they have so many more blocks of clubs, unless you add riverside area to mhd sultan.

Anyway, Bangsar's got this club called The Lock Up...where all ther waitresses don dominatrix costumes..
They also have a club called the Hospital where the waitresses don nurse uniforms..

Bangsar must be called the Fetish Street too..

Anyway, since it was a freaking SUNDAY!!! no one was around.
It was one of those days where the clubs lose money.
So we went watch football at Ronnie Q and downed stout. Kilkenny for me, of course..

After awhile, I was falling asleep.. coz it was one of those matches which could not catch my attention..Either too slow.. or no cute guys.. or the telly was just too far away..

So, I bugged the blokes to go to a disco, despite Jeffrey's objection..

"It's Sunday lah dey.. you will end up clubbing with all the aunties all..."

"I dont care lah.. at least got music.."

So we went to a dinghy club called " The Castle".. Damn dodgy looking man.
The toilet was so dirty I didnt bother to flush.. Like I wont even touch the flush toggle..

And they were right...

got one auntie lancing-lancing away... jia larrttt

Anyhow...the jug of beer was going at 25 Ringgit .. but it was bloody watered down though..

We played stupid games then left lah.. enough auntie watching.. the blokes went home coz Monday , they had to work..
but meeeeee was on holiday ehh... So, It was time for to adjourn with my other bloke.

I met Leon at Bukit Bintang and we went to Planet Hollywood for more drinks.
The Malaysian Idol Jacquelline Victor was singing. I thought she had an annoying speaking voice, a bit bimbo-like also.. but she can sing man... kow tow..

This is PLanet Hollywood-KL, it is more happening than Singapore's one..
Yes yes.. coz ours closed down liao..Fashion Cafe also closed down liao.. Do people even still go to Hard Rock by the way? Maybe , they're next to close. Har harr.. Unless of course, they give me VIP cards++ and I'd get my whole gang to like it again.. =)...

So, This is me and Leon at PH-KL

me and my super-old friend... lost for a decade liao..found last week.

We looked happy?
WE got happier mann...
Leon has amazing surprises up his sleeves...

Ahh.. happy happy happy..We ditched the beers then ta pao-ed KFC...

Oh mahhh goooooddd..

KFC never tasted so good.. finger lickin good....... I almost ate my fingers, theres also something about Malaysian chicken lehh.. not the birdflu I hope....
Anyway, the KFC experienced was superly amplified, I could taste like every freaking spice in the mix, and every tendon in the meat..
...Afterwhich I practically concussed
like as if Mike Tyson just gave me one good one eh..

The next day, after we ressurected from death. We went to Berjaya Times Square..
They say got rollercoaster in the shopping centre one..

So, this is the tower, We walked there.. very near Bukit Bintang.

I took some stupid touristy photoes...

When lunch time came...,We decided to eat at this Laksa place..
All they sell is all kinds of Laksa and other rice packages.

I didnt know there are so many kinds of laksa leh..

There's like Penang Laksa, Laksa Bali, Laksa Johor, Sarawak Laksa also have I think.. Tom Yum laksa....Laksa watever lah..
got so manyyyy...

like 8 or 10 different kinds..

Anyway, I ate rice instead.. the Indon one. The Yellow rice meal.
That was full of nostalgia man..
In fact this whole trip was becoming very nostalgic.

My rice lunch.. got kerupuk... got chendol.. but nothing beats the real Indon thingie..

Anyway, after lunch, Leon left. Heleft KL.. back to KK.. I'm alone again.
So, I checked into Hilton again. It's like my favourite hotel in the whole of Malaysia man... Last time I stayed in Hilton-KL, I think I got a whole account on the blog..
please read here man... damn.. that was a year ago..
It's still my favourite..

Got a few fresh pics of the room, this time I got a king size bed, not a two single ones..

Kingsize bed..

The view from the room..
Lake view--- as the hotel receptionist described it..

See the lake?? I think it's green in colour, looks more like a swamp from here.

So, I kinda like the bathroom, and I kinda like my new Juicy Couture T-shirt. So I took photoes in the bathroom. Any objection?



Actually.. I'm trying to shoot the espadrilles lahh.. my first pair lehh..

See the espadrilles????? For the -don't know-s, espadrilles are those killer-looking shoes I wear. It's freaking high and they're like made of ropes glued around the wedges kind.

I got it for 20 Ringgit at Nose.. Bargain???? You bet. I'm the queen of budget and sale-craze shopping lehh..

Okay, one last toilet pose...

Ah anyway, I really liked the rain shower in the shower cubicle... as in.. you see the ceiling in the shower ?? It's got that water spray.. it makes it fall vertically down from a wide circular area. As if, showering in the rain.. it's amazing. I've seen some houses who installed the same concept. I think it's amazing.. I've always loved showering in the rain...

After showering, I can relax on the bed and bumm... watch telly.. soo heavenly peaceful.. then how come I felt homesick??

Afterwhich, I decided to check out my shopping.. Mich took 2 shoes back to singapore for me already.. I still got a mountain left..

tsk tsk.... 8 shoes in total. One for mom, One for Jac.

I also tried the swimming pool this time..

Hmm... do you think heaven has beaches or has skiing resorts??

So, I took out my funny, trashy, girly novel and tanned a bit..

It was hot in the afternoon and I was stared at by all the pool attendant.. Bleah...
Never see girl wearing bikini before meh?? Damn ku ku

Whatever, but the pool was nice...long and meandering kind, overlooking the city.

At night, My girlfriends came over for dinner..
We went to the restaurant downstairs, Sudu.
I was looking through the menu and saw some familiar face..

"EHH ROCCO BOVA!!!" I saw his picture on the folded brochure on the table... apparently he is the General Managers of all the restaurants, bars and clubs in Hilton KL, excluding the Jap one.

I know Rocco!!! Ehh.. I should look for him tomorrow, maybe can get free drinks at Zeta bar.. Rocco used to work in 4Seasons singapore and Senso/W wine bar.

Now, his expat status hails from KL ehh...
Anyway, after dinner, Cheryl and Ira came up to watch Oscar's..

Dis is Ira and me.. The Royal princess just attended her cousin's wedding which lasted 3 days 3 nights.. wahhh..

Oscar review:::

I realised Memoirs of Geisha got a few mentions. I am so sick of it.
That movie was horribly SHITE! I read the book, the books was beautiful.
But the movie did not do the novel any justice.
It's a Japanese story, played by 3 FYUCKING CHINESE actresses speaking ENGLISH,
ONE with ANGMOH accent -- Michelle Yeoh
ONE with CHINAPOK (intelligible) accent - Zhang Zi Yi
ONE with an accent in between the previous two - Gong Li.

The movie was also simplified badly, if you hadn't read the book, you probably didn't catch 100% of the story. And if you did read the book, you'd probably be complining like me. And how come Nobu-san in the movie has two arms?
They changed the story too, it was abridged.

I was definitely cheering for some other movies. I love Pride & Prejudice, I love Ang Lee's work, eventhough after a while, they kinda look the same, coz he uses a lot of greeneries ehh..

Brokeback was... well , I haven't watched, so no say.
But Walk the Line... OH GOSH..
I watched it on DVD last Monday. I was on the verge of weeping.
IT's one of THE greatest LOVE story ever told.

Johnny Cash and June Carter..
There's almost no greater love than John Cash' for June, the story was amazing.
AMAZING!!! LOVE EXISTS, PEOPLE!! LOVE comes to those who wait, who believes..

I believe... =)..

But I can't wait... uh.

Anyway, back to the stupid Geisha show..

Got Kimono hanging in the hotel room.
So, I put it on and became a Geisha, or something like it, or completely unlike it.

Masari-chan, kirei da ne?







At 10:27 AM, Anonymous Blackcat gently snorted that...

The pool attendent actually have not seen a pretty muscular girl before lah! Eh, you ate so much arr??? Ok, I have to accept the fact that you have slimmed down but the thing that I regret most is that I can't call you Pui Swee anymore!

At 6:32 PM, Anonymous Jay "Yuck!" Walk gently snorted that...

You are definitely right on the Geisha.

The movie adaptation of the book is really disgraceful.

At 8:44 PM, Blogger WhiteShepherd gently snorted that...

You should have left silycelly at home, and brought auntie celly to do the auntie watching. You know you're making all your fans jealous with this Leon fellow! Next time taking pics in the mirror, you can turn off the flash you know. You would have made a great Geisha, considering none of the actresses in the movie were actually Japanese! One more thing, the atttendents weren't looking at your bikini, they were looking at your inhumanly thin arms!

At 11:33 PM, Blogger shawncentric gently snorted that...

Geez.. Celly, looks like you got the same room I had when I stayed at the Hilton in mid-Feb...

At 12:14 AM, Blogger MengZ gently snorted that...

ohh...dunno that malaysia famous with shoes.

ppl looking at u bcuz they are trying to avoid the sun but u enjoying the sunlight.

cant wait to check in to hilton.muahah...won that prize.

At 9:32 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

blackcat: ya lah.. i ate like a raving boar leh!!! if not for detox i think ud call me tua pui or smth...then call me what now?? celly lah!

whiteshepherd: ah dude, ure so smart..... indeed.. must be my choptick twiggy arms.. heuheue..

jaywalk: yes, disgraceful./.. disgusting!!! i refused to finish the movie..

shawn: errr.. i think most of their rooms look the same dude!! not same room lah.. scare me

mengz: hhahaa yeah it is famous for shoes with the GIRLS!


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