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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

April Taxes- Husbands & Indo

Gosh , so fast huh? I really felt like we just had New Year Eve party leh!!!
Now, it’s almost April liao..
It’s about time to do some e-filing, isnt it? Income Tax filings... huahuaha.. like so exciting.

This is my first time, you know?
So exciting. I am actually a human being that can feed myself and get taxed rightfully.
I have been half feeding myself for yonks, but this is the first time I got taxed.

Wait, I think England taxed me before for working as a cashier in Botley’s Co-Op, a KFC girl (Oxford branch), Pizza Express girl (but they didn’t tax my tips) and they didn’t tax me for being a research assistant.

Ah.. not too bad.

Come to think of it. Singapore is probably on of the best places to live and work.
Low income tax – 3-20%- this is reasonable for the standard of living we enjoy here.

In 1st world countries like UK and OZ, half your income is instantly gone!
And they’re still not as safe as Singapore, we don’t get bombs here, we don’t get unexpected attacks, we don’t even get sticky gum problems. But I must say we don't get a lot of other good shits that they get there too lah. Tit for Tat, ok?
Medical expenses is not dirt cheap here. But it’s reasonable lah, considering the standard. Even the Indons come here for all kinds of treatments, I wonder if they f;y here to see a GP also. Without the Indons, I think the Mount Elizabeth and Gleneagles hospitals here can declare bankruptcy liao..

The Indons don’t bother paying tax cause they know they wont be benefiting from it at all. The pockets of the government kakis will.
So most Indons don’t care about declaring. The tax money won’t go nowhere, probably end up at the collector’s bank account anyway, or with his mistress.

So, WE must do e-filing huh? So high tech. I think a few hundred bucks tax is ok lah.
Considering they forced my companies to chip in for my CPF, which is really money I wont see til I have 1000 wrinkles and numerous cancer symptoms.


I'd like to think I am pretty good with my finances (despite perpetual shopping binges), maybe its gotta do with being born in the year of a Rooster, or maybe it’s got to do with being a new pauper in the block. I was once spoilt and irresponsible, with a rich dad who showered me with love and money. Those days are gone. Now I am poor with grands of debt in the bank. I was just studying it the other day, I have just a bit more assets than liabilities.


So much debt ah? Tuition fee loan ok. Basket. Interest so high – 4-5%, thank goodness I am making 20+% from my low risk investments. I am also thriving with my passive incomes. Better go and read more Robert Kiyosaki’s books, you know!

My cocky ex-boyfriend (one of them, the cocky one) used to sneer at me,

"Go be an engineer lah, go work in a bank or whatever, you calculate your salary plus maybe 20% promotion every year, you still wont end up a fucking millionaire!".


Uh, I wanna be millionaire! Anyway, Robert Kiyosaki says land banking and MLM are the way to go. You can read his "The business school for people who like helping people".
He thinks MLM is a great way to earn passive income and to help others. He also actually invested in some land in Phoenix, Arizona, the next big thing and Californians are moving there big time.
I guess it’s not how much you make. It’s how much you save and invest. Those who were born millionaires, well they’re lucky bastards, but I would not respect them as much as those self-made millionaires.

*Kow Tow*.


Boring, boring, boring..


Anyway, I realised I have more pictures from my Jakarta trip.

I should put them up before they turn mouldy and redundant.

This is Jimmy , Ting and me. Ting is my dearest cousin and Jimmy, mind you, is her fiance.
Gosh, not even boyfriend anymore.

This was Chinese New Year night, so it's like months ago. And it was taken at the Bar of Regent Jakarta. If I am not wrong, we spent CNY night at the exact same bar last year. What are chances?
They were looking for hotels to celebrate their wedding. Weddings in Jakarta, mind you, are like circus.

You cant have seated dinner as :

1) The invitees wont bother to RSVP
2) They might just crash
3) Invitees will get their whole kampung down one.
4) Those you put at the back table will complain and take back their ang bao , all.

So, most of the weddings in Indo are buffet kind, with maybe rows of seats at the side. It's a bit sad one. Even in 5 star hotels, still must go for buffet queue.
Somemore, the guest number won't be 200 or 300.
Ting's sister's wedding a few years back was at the Hotel Borobudur Intercontinental in Jakarta, she had 1000 quests and she spent a bomb.

I think 90% of the time, the bride and groom will be at their pedestal, shaking hands to strangers. Dont bother getting a plush sofa at the pedestal. You will have to stand up to shake hands anyway.
Dunno whose hands you're shaking also. Seriously lah, your auntie's step brother's neighbour's son, your cousin's ex boyfriend's sister, your mom's cooking classmate's son, woiihhh... wtf lah.. all come for the free buffet and the door gifts.

There will be people you've never seen before, coming to your wedding.
Coz apparently, your parents and some selected uncle/auntie will help you invite people for your wedding, it's like tradition. These kaypoh people's names are listed at the bottom of the Invite:

Mrs so and soo...
Mr so and soo..

" Other people (other than bride and groom) who are also inviting quests to the wedding" are:



Shucks. Right?

Eh getting married or I gettin married??? For fyucks sake. But I suppose if they help me invite the bigmoney people who give me fat angbaos... then..... eh heh eh...

To the Indons, weddings are for status-upkeeping. You must throw a lavish one to show that you're rich, tasteful, generous,...blah blah.. so people will next time remember you for your fucking million dollar wedding and do business with you.

Crapshit lah.

Can I have a small wedding with only people I really know and love to attend??? I'd like to spend the money on Moet, honeymoon, hen parties (hehehe) or something.

Anyway, back to the photo, I look like a ghost with an eye sore.

Okay, talk so much. More photoes:

Ah, talking about weddings.

I attended a wedding at the outskirt of Jakarta while back home.

It's Kak Ifan's Wedding.

She was like my mentor/teacher at Sunday school at the temple when I was really weeeeee....
She's getting married now. "Congratulations...=)"

Hmm.. You see the scene at the wedding?
You just pose all day in your hot, inconvenient, bulky wedding cage and its trails and shake hands... sometimes.. those inconsiderate ones will want to take photoes with you. And yes, there's many.

Look at how sian they look already? Cant be bothered to pose liao harr... jia lat..

Next time, my wedding, I just take one photo.. the rest can super-impose their bloody faces into ours with photoshop. Sorted.

So much hazzle huh? Just elope next time.

Enough about getting married, before I start throwing my tantrums around. I have been dying to get married for the longest time, though I would sometimes change my mind when I am having a tad too much nightly fun. Mind you, I can wail alot for someone who's been ditched by her two fiances.

While in Jakarta, me and Bro Wit and his friends, checked out Jakarta's newest chillout/clubbing hot spot before Chinese New Year (2006). It's located opposite the Hard Rock Cafe at Sarinah and it's called:


.. Hur hur... I know.. a bit cheesy lah. But the place is gorgeous.

The decor was interesting. Contemporary with eccletic touches.

I love how they play with ecclectic, romantic carvings (below)

on their mirrors and how they play with lightings..

The sofas pretty comfy too. Red, plush and velvety..

Miss Suhali was reading the menu here. The menu was pretty too.

My shoes were pretty too...


This is me and bro... I missss him!!!

Talking about clubbing, I was in River last night.
I went there with Cessa but Jason and the gang were not late. So, I was 'hanging' at the dart board where Mike played host to a bunch of young Japanese punks.

One of them was damnnn cute lah. Wearing suit jacket with jeans, armani cut hair and chiselled handsomeness.

So we got talking.

Punk: " So, guess where I am from?"

Me: "You must be Japanese"

Punk:" Ah yeahh..(with heavy American accent),Japanese. But I am AMerican!! I was born in fucking NYC!!

*baskett... so show off for farks*

Me: "Eh.. big fyucking deal eh? I was born in Jakarta, eh"


That was it man, I had to walk off. Dont care how cute. So annoying one.
NYC my ass lah..

Back to BabyFace.

This is the big gang picture

Some of 'em , in action. esp. Bro.. showing off his rave foot steps ala Dewit.

This is Wit and his best buddy Paul who is now a big shot in Indo.
He's COO of a booming property development company (COO= Child of Owner) heuheue..
His company also sells buttons, eh. But in tonnes.

How come Paul looks like Guan Gong ah? The God of Warriors.

This is Paul, his girlfriend (correct at time of photoshoot) and two damn extra carafares..

This is me and my pouty face.... Music was good, company was good but I was missing my then boyfriend... So dumb huh?

Uhh.. so fierce!


At 7:33 PM, Anonymous blackcat gently snorted that...

Why your entries always backdate one??? Future happenings have anot?Don't worry about income just declare your two kitties for income tax relief laah. At the end of the day I think you don't have to pay a single cent. Btw, U can pay by installments if U still kena tax.=) wonder Colin called me saying that he saw U at some talk or something. I told him you are a.k.a Pao ka Liao Queen opps..I mean Princess. Wherever there's money making opportunity, Ms Marcelly Suhali will be there! Remember the book I recommended U to read? U can have it if U want. Someone just gave me as a present...I really regret buying it.....

At 9:44 PM, Blogger WhiteShepherd gently snorted that...

Weddings are archaic, and marriage is a gamble the house always wins. With 55-60% ending in divorce, weddings are just for mothers who want to spend daddy's money without having to answer for it. I went to one this weekend, and ate $5 chicken fingers, when I could have had my fill at KFC for a buck. And the idea that engineers make alot of money is an urban legend. I've been in this business for about 7 years, and make only 45K (of course I do live in one of the poorest states in the country). Taxes take 25-30%, and health care is about 3%. Now when I invent the new spoon, something no one can live without, I'll gets paid!

At 1:17 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

whitesheperd: u make wedding ssoung so trribly unromantic now.. maybe those queueing for the ROM.. go think twice.. is u gonna end up with half ur money at the end of 4-5 years?? eh??

blackcat: yah i saw him at the BWW talk, interesting also. well. im very open minded. i def want to know as many money making vehicles out there possible.. anyway.. u got ur brochures?

At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Blackcat gently snorted that...

Yes, I got it already. I forgot to tell you that Robert Koyasaki was one of many successful people who has read Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, the book I showed you the other day. I told you before that Colin wanted to introduce you to that business opportunity thing.

At 3:31 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

blackcat: dude.. ive heard of them many yrs ago lah. i know how it all works.. what im waiting to find out is their products and the prices. but colin after earning so much shd invest mah. the book so good ah? ok maybe i borrow when i have time. i havent time to read anything nowadays.. really!

At 8:06 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that... time to read lahh./.. but i read romantic novelss.. heheh

At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Blackcat gently snorted that...

Hello romantic gu niang/mei nu, early in the morning feeling guilty liao ar??? I think since last night lah U were feeling guilty. But I thought you are good at time management? U arr sometime very haolian to me wan..everything all U know already...dowan kalah...=)

At 5:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

Best regards from NY!


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