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Friday, March 11, 2005

Genuine Arse Oles

I am going to rant about an issue that has been accumulating rage in me for sometime and hell is about to be unleashed now.

I f*cken HATE HATE HATE those low sleazy scums who take photoes of indecent, candid pictures of girls and post them on disgusting, undeserving websites!

Recently, a friend of mine spotted pictures of me, taken without my knowlegde; on a stupid website. Although, they were just pictures of me with a tank top, the focus was NOT on the face and being posted along with even worse disgusting pictures of other girls in even worse situations and condition, I was definitely NOT flattered!!!!!!!!!!

Though what they were intentionally focusing on were generally nice, the way they snapshot and post them up just didn't do them justice, they just look derogative; with negative connotations plastered all over them. I really feel for those girls, especially those who by now, may not even know that their pictures are being oggled at by freaky sleazeballs. Therefore I also feel for myself. I shall wear turtle neck, long sleeved and long pants plus a chastity belt when I head out next time. Shoosh.. come to think of it.. it may not even be safe within my own room and premises. Basket! DIE those low scums! DIE!!!!

I tell you, if one day the girls start to dress fully clothed like fugly freaks, it's the guys' faults!!!!!!!!!
There's seriously a thin borderline between appreciating beauties and abusing them. I pray and hope that most people know where the line is.

On a side note, my pictures were taken without me posing nicely, they were candid and they were not taken with my best side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cursing madly....*

I shall not disclose the website for I do not reccomend you lots to start oggling at pictures like that. It's a mortal sin! Dammit, if you would like to have some hormonal excitement and happy endings whatever, go ahead and get a magazine off the shelves that were meant to serve exactly that purpose.

For bollocks' sake, we girls dont go around snapping shots of the lads' crotches and post them on website and label them "full tank", "tiny", "where is it", "to the left", " to the right" or to be more creative, "Sushi lunch box", "German BratWurst", "Minute steak" or " PIsang Goreng".
Do we???????????????????? (btw, how come I relate them to food onli.. yuck)
Though, this is a thought! In case such indecent exposures of us girls continue!

I am now looking into the possibility of getting advice from internet police and claim some justice!

Those of you with slim powerful digicams and camera phones, please stuff them nicely in your pockets and use them only to take pictures of nice panoramic views, yourself and your friends.

They are NOT meant for snapping shots of girls with low necked tops bending over shop displays, girls with skirt falling off the steps, drunken girls with clothes falling off or even girls with short flare skirt walking up steep steps (though she's kinda asking for it.. but bah! just enjoy the moment lorr.. dont need to be so generous and share it with the whole global community whattt!)...

Geeezz.. this rapidly advancing technology is posing threats to modern society's safety and decency.
I am cursing at all those who abuse this priviledge! ARse OLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bastardo!!!!!!KNNCCB!!!!!TMD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At 2:51 PM, Blogger CyBorg gently snorted that...

harlo cell...
man... trust those jerks to actually snap obsene pics...
perverts all over these days!
stay safe....
PS. wear a winter clothing next time u go party! Hehe

At 5:21 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

Winter clothing is dam cool can... too bad clubs here like the aircon always broken... huehue.. or the heat is just always on...
baskettt.. dam those sleazy idiots rite! skali one day cleavages disappear from face of earth then u guys dun complain k! its ur bloody fault!


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