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This blog was started once upon a time when a young girl at school didnt know better but thought otherwise. So the way earlier entries can be crass and words inappropriate so please don't judge. As now the person has evolved into someone older and wiser (hopefully) ..:.... But some of the entries were classic and hilarious so I don't have the heart to delete them :@ Well we were all young (read:wild) once, right?

Thursday, March 24, 2005

BIte me me

Today, the spice gurls were out to prance around again.
Cat, Jac, Chip and me were nasty ah lians dancing out mambo steps.
This is a tribute to those who loveeee mambo.
We do! DOnt get me wrong...
It's a wonderful Singapore culture, trust me! You dont get it anywhere else..

In England, they'd just dance all over each other and then puke all over each other.

In Jakarta, they'd just sit around looking expensive on their couches, holding on to their champagne and Chivas.

In Aussie, ok.. hats off to the true ravers.. ! But other than them, patay goers w'd just be damn high on whatever chemical they are on.. and look kinda hmm.. mad.... oh well.. watever.. they're having fun..

This reminds on my days when I was 15. I was growing up in old town Shrewbury and just had a taste of my first big scene clubbing in Equinox, London.
Party goers were getting 8-10 bottles of Vittel (mineral water) over the bar and the naive bunch of us were laughing at them.

"How do you get drunk on 8 bottles of Vittel???"

Basket.. now I know they were actually having more fun that I was. Damnit!
But seriously man.. places like these.. bar taps are really weak..
Mineral water taps turned on full blast...

Other recommended things to bring along when you go raving in these fabulous nations are:

1. Chewing gum (dun chew ur lips to death..)
2. Vicks nasal inhaler (it works! and it's cheaper than popping another one)
3. Lip balm (yeah.. even the guys!)
4. Water!!!!!
5. Dark chocolate.... oops. this is way after.. after chilling out with Cafe del mar with burnt homegrown plants.

Geeess.. lets talk about these magic home grown plants.. I was shopping around Sydney and I came across this shop that sells all sorts of tobacco leaves, pipes, bongs and other such gadgets.
Propped innocently on the display was a 'vegetable blender'.
Vegetable my white tushees la...

Not sure you wanna use it to blender your breakfast after using it for good ol homegrown the night before. Unless you're baking a space cake of course.

Enough already, we live in a nice healthy country.. let's not make things worse.

By the way, nearest escape is>>>>
Kho Pangan!
Actually, Bali rocks too.. !!!
who says Bali's got no full moon?
Bali has full moon everynight. HAhahaha...

Anyway, back to reality, I am so so so sooooooooo sad that Cat is leaving for Germany. Miss smarty pants iz going off to do her masters..... on Sociology.
Yupss... smarty pants iz gonna learn about how we society behave...
Maybe one day she'll come back with a stupid German accent.. (Oh dear..)
but hopefully not their sense of humour (no offence.. a personal opinion k?)
And smarty pants iz going to leave behind me and Jac to suck toes...
Though, she IS worried that we are gonna get into cat fights ever so often when she's gone. Oh well.. I've got enough hair for her to pull out.. Just dont scratch the face, It's got enough red areas already.

Today I have a myterious red mark that looks like a bruise. An 'O-che'...
It's on my right arm and I haven a bloody clue where it's from... Must be some horny bed bugs. Or... maybe half sober me was hitting the poles with me arm at Zouk..
But hopefully, it was some cute bloke pinching me...

Wateverrr.. I am swearing off clubbing soon.. As in taking a break.. especially after Cat's gone.. which is next Monday.. Boo hoo hoo...

*play song 'Cry Me a River'.....*

I am taking a break from clubbing coz it's getting me nowhere..
(You know wat I am toking about anot?)
I cant find men la..
Men many.. but.. many men
..are worse than m&m..
Lame arrrr.. Arghhh...
(Eh! Silly gurl, who the hell told ya to look for blokes in club??!!)

Today I told Jac that I was gonna cruise around the boy's floor of my hostel,
knock on every door and check out the goods.
But, I know I'd probably end up lamenting stuff like..

"Errr.. sorry wrong room.."

" Ehh.. hmm..*stare from top to toe...stroke chin*..Ok.. lemme browse around a little more.. maybe I'll come back.."

SO, conclusion is.. that it's not worth doing.. I am retiring from the men's world.

For now...


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