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This blog was started once upon a time when a young girl at school didnt know better but thought otherwise. So the way earlier entries can be crass and words inappropriate so please don't judge. As now the person has evolved into someone older and wiser (hopefully) ..:.... But some of the entries were classic and hilarious so I don't have the heart to delete them :@ Well we were all young (read:wild) once, right?

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Wit. Win, Me, CNY reunion (dad's side) at Palm Beach's Seafood Restaurant, Jakarta.. Spore's franchise.. not doin the Spore one ANY justice though.. Posted by Hello

This was dinner with dad's side.. all the damn loaded snobs (overrated, I was just feeling too inferior to mingle that's all).. the feast was a fist..the company was superficial but the hong baos were fat.. me not complaining..

On my table, there were my three lovely, very beautiful, very loaded cousins Anne, Wienny and Yenny. That was nice. The first two are married, Anne with a son, second one Wienny is having a son due in a month.. Yenny was with Jerry. I was the old maid of the table...

I was the old maid everywhere la... dont ask me when I am gonna get hitched anymore! Not one more TIME!


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