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Monday, January 24, 2005

Pease of Poppz Shitee


You mean you don't agree? So what if there are real talented ones like Jay, Mayday, Coco and A*Mei, the Chinese music scene is overwhelmingly littered with young nubile popsters who dunno the coconuts from peanuts of music.

I have been watching channel V , streaming from my comp ( tee hee hee)...

But, when Ch V starts spinning those cutesy, girly MVs of some young girls with pink cheeks and willing smiles, but NO vocal prowess or even rhythmic body movements synchronised to the music.. (they seem to hv adopted the technique of dancing out-of-tune, wouldnt even call dat dancing.. wagging of fingers and tails.. not even cute.. ptui!) vah vah... *YAWN*... I would mute the winamp and read Business Week.

COME ON YOU LOTS! Seriously,... have the producers been blind or deaf or just having too much 'fun' with the nubile prospective popsters?

Saccharine sweet voices have always been the trend of Chinese female popstars aye?

I got nothing to say la... As long as they still sell CDs.. The younger lot of consumers dont seem to mind, all they care about is the nice CD covers.. looking like LiFesized Hello KItty or sumthing... Vah...

I saw one MV yesterday, the girl was pretty yes. She was dressed up nicely and madeup nicely yes. She donned a cat face paint and colourful big wig. Cute . yes.

All she did was smile into the camera, wink here and there..act cute and mumble.. throughout the MV Wouldn't even call that singing.. the song was those with cutesy tones and lyrics.. liek miao miao.. hallo hallo... obviously easy to sing,..i almost puked.. Is this the children's channel?

Compare this to Britney's MV which are always mind blowing. She may not excel in bringing vocal gymnastics.. but that BOMB sure rocks the dance floor!... I nosebled watching her perform at MTV Awards... Who doesn't... She may be selling a lil too much sex appeal.. But she's definitely a whole lot more worth watching than Miss Hello KItty with Act-cute songs..

*sigh..* today the bitchy, bitter, cant-make-it-big Marcelly is raving again..

Yay! Dats me runnin away from Afghan.... Posted by Hello


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