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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Keeelongg.. Keelong..Tiger Cup 2005

The Indons need to admit defeat today.. We lost 1-2 . Bloody Indons ate too much indomie !

The stadium was packed to the brim. 55K spectators!! and about 90 % were in reds, supporting the Lions... heh.. the Indons in white were cornered in these pathetic few rows, left of North goal post.

I sat with the SPoreans (bo pian). Initially, I was doing very well, acting like I was supporting the Lions. (I was in white tho!). But after the first goal.. I was so sian... I wasnt cheerin at all.. I was swearing under my breath. .. Bloody Indons..... duno how to kick ball properly...
Dunno if their tactic was defence or offence coz both were like shit!
The referee was kinda in favour of the Indons tho.. He missed out a few Indon red cards (like when our goalie stepped outta box to handman the ball) and bad kicks in the shins from the Indons. Apparently, He's Saudi Arabian.. ahh no wonder la.. same gang!

I heard " Referee Kayu!" one too many times..
The Sporeans were booing during our Indon National anthem,
(but I didnt care, still stood up and sang.. I also sang Majulah Singapura ok, louder too!)
I also overheard many:
" Indons!BOO! GO home to your farms!"
HEH?.. you mean go home to your big big bungalows with ten cars?!! *growl..*
Bah.. Sporeans can be so hostile!!

To counter that.. I guess the Indons were not any better.. Jun who sat near the Indon seats received very prominent, classic hand gestures from the Indon supporters:
The middle finger!!
Ayee.. pardon my lil uncilivised fellow countrymen.

I also heard this bevy of pretty Malay girls behind me screaming :
" I love Taufik!! I love Taufik!! WOo!HOOO!!"
EHH!!! Football match la dey.. not Taufik's concert..

Bemused, me and Jac stood up, pointed to spot beneath us and yelled :
The girls werent very amused. Tee HEe hee...
SO I sat my J-Lo asses down and sianed somemore..
Apparenly Taufik was sitting in the Gallery.. (with nadden ah? SO Nice ah! Basket!)

Me was cheering so happeningly when the Indons scored in the second half.. the red tshirts sorrounding me didnt seem too pleased.. Pls la.. just one goal can! You lots gonna get the cup anyway..!

Mr THH called me after the match to SUAN me! Arghh...
I received very friendly sms-es too.. Wan texted me : Singapore won!BOO you!!Haha!
The Sporean slogan of the day's match was : Behind every tiger , there's a lion..
Guess what? Rajoo's msn nick became : Behind every lion, there's an Indon!
Basket... Jun thought tat was rather kinky tho..

Meal Confessions of the day : 1 Mc D meal, 2 KFC meals! Verdict: FAT

On the car ride back (in Alex's SUPER COOL & super cooling, open-back, low jeep), They were discussing why one would need digicam of such high resolutions (up to 4.0, 5.0 and 6.5).

ME : SO.. You can see pimples mahh..!!

Jac: I think 2 or 3 Mega pixels should be fine..

ME: Nah.. 1 Megapixels would do for me! I look so chio.. no pimples.. skin smooth as silk .. dun even need to do photoshop

See..Lidat I save money also...Horribly knackered today... gonna koonzz soon..

Just an update on my lil bro's lil happening life in Guang Zhou:
The lil bugger got wasted yesterday, vomitted 4 times, with rashes on hand and legs..
What a shame.. he's not very well trained yet.. must feed him more alcohol!


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