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This blog was started once upon a time when a young girl at school didnt know better but thought otherwise. So the way earlier entries can be crass and words inappropriate so please don't judge. As now the person has evolved into someone older and wiser (hopefully) ..:.... But some of the entries were classic and hilarious so I don't have the heart to delete them :@ Well we were all young (read:wild) once, right?

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Is that a fringe? Is that an awning? Is that jerami roof?

Shoosh..!my fringe! my fringe.. i can hardly wait for my hair 2 grow, thus I can cut it fugly babe.. fugly babi!.. the hair dresser was snippin here- there like he's so godamn artistic.. check out his art piece : right side much shorter n more layered than the left, the fringe comes in many layers and many diff lengthss... and the fringe.. *sigh..*.. jutts out so much that it looks like Ive got a friggin awning over my forehead!..(of coz u cant really see dis.. coz I pulled pulled downwards and wet the hair before taking the pic.. u think i so stupid..)..U call this art?? I call it hideously cunning destruction ! Posted by Hello
This aint too good.. I tot I will look cute with bangs.. now I cant even wash face properly, see properly or look good properly.. Arghh..
Worse still... tis shot.. kinda remind of the Jap teacher in one the AVIs.. sick!! TMD...kirei desuka? iieeee... kirei ja nai desu... sine!!

Anyway, today I went for Manufacturing Automation lecture , and I've decided to fight (appeal) for this module coz:

a. The lectures are held in the Engin Auditorium where the chairs are huge, comfortable, heavily padded, conference-like, plus you can slide it front-back with ur ass, so entertaining..
-also.. sitting in the chair.. I feel like the boss.. and my prof is my subordinate.. reporting his weekly updates to me.. wahahhaha....

b. Almost the whole ME4 cohort is there.. makes me feel like I belong somewhere again.. plus, I spotted Alfred, Adrian, Mak, Jeremy.. ayee.. See.. got lotsa people to copy tuts from..

c. Coz WaHoo is there too.. And he's how cute., hueheue..

Me:" Babe..I wan get Auto!! die die must get!"

Jac:" WHy leh? You were cutting papers during the lecture lor"

Me: " COz Wahoo is takin.. andddd he's so cute!!! "

Jac: " You go Celly! You hv the right motivator to take this module!"

(abit fictionally scripted but smth like that la)

See.. me a model engine student.. btw.. if Wahoo is reading. I am how dead.. heuehue.. but true what.. he's cute.. he shd know la.. heuheue..aiyah.. but so wat.. doesnt mean i cant wait* to hump him ok.. (*half true.. but watever)

I cut out a WeiHao out of a piece of paper during lecture for him.. I am how sweet.. hueheue..

We were sitting like front row .. ($100 bux seats as prof said), But we werent listenin to him at all.. what a blunder! Then...middle of lecture, think prof was counting some investment shit.. Jac made me play this game.. she wrote numbers 1 to 100 on paper.. scattered randomly. we spose to fight to circle the most number of numbers (funny siah).. but circling them must go in sequence, 1..2..3..4.. Me armed with pink stabilo, she wiv boring black pen..

Ready...set..go!.. We wrestled and I decked her to one side, circled as fast as I can, keeping my elbow angled around where her boobettes (=P..) were..then I couldnt take it liao.. So I circled one big one accross the whole page, with a bit of wrestling and yelpin of coz.. We then couldnt stop giggling.. what a scene we made right in front of LT.. stupid byotches..!! Luckily, I know how to control siah.. else I'd ve cause so much commotion and never get the module--blacklist!!! And there goes Wahoo.. yipez..! Save my future!..No more 100 bux seats for us..for me!

Damn. this reminds me of the day when me and Jac returned late from break and the whole LT was dark coz prof was showing video clips..

Jac: " Shit damn dark.. how?" (whispering)..

Me:" Eh.. grope around lor.." (whispering)

Then she groped around indeed, around me!! She grabbed my boobs!

Me: " Bitch!!! " (half yelling.. half toppling down the steps)...

Shit.. why am I her best friend?


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