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Thursday, January 27, 2005

hi-class insurance agent-con man in shield

My first job interview took more than an hour.. omg.. I cant believe he was willing to spend ages to explain to me what financial consulting is all about.. so free ah? (made me wonder if this company got business..)

It was positively connotated though.. he seems impressed that I am Indon, and ex Oxford student. He thinks I prolly know a lot of loaded mtfs. True to an extent. Maybe I can bring him clients who dont know what to do with their assets. Financial assets that are.

Basically, the company is a mediator between financial products manufacturers, e.g Aberdeen, , Unit Trusts, stocks, Axa, insurance companies, etc. and the customers (private and corporate).

The rest of what he said didnt really make sense to me. Not even sure it was in English.
Sorry me engineer... no graph no formulae. no sense!
So I need to do some homework.
He wants me to sit fo a seminar this Saturday though. 930 in the morning!!!!(But at least there'll be reception,i.e free food!)...But ...bloody hell, no Zouk again this Friday. BRRR.... I am a changed individual. By DEFAULT.

What does that mean? No offer yet though. Will browse the job market again too.
But working in a swanky office downtown sure beats working at hot, polluted, ulu, wolves-dominated plants in Tuas or Jurong Island.


At 9:43 AM, Blogger Miracle gently snorted that...

yap. attended such interview before and the pay sucks. ie, there is not basic pay at all. tok to me a whole lot on financial stuff too. and needs to look for dumb pple to invest. shitty job.

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