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This blog was started once upon a time when a young girl at school didnt know better but thought otherwise. So the way earlier entries can be crass and words inappropriate so please don't judge. As now the person has evolved into someone older and wiser (hopefully) ..:.... But some of the entries were classic and hilarious so I don't have the heart to delete them :@ Well we were all young (read:wild) once, right?

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

bloggin is so in. i am in.. i am in. in wher?

I think I spent too much time in front of com bloggin.. but I nid to be reminded of who I wan in case I get alzeihmer's one day.. ah so lame..
The progress report I ve been sloggin on was submitted today. Guess what? My prof called me on my mobile and asked me :" What report? Is it spose to be submitted to me? the supevisor?"
I almost fainted.. well done! So much for effort (not much but still..)
He wanted to see me but I lied and said I had to go for lesson. buah. I was on the bus with Jac to Clem. Neat rite? Lazy la... you know wad else he said : " How come you left the report at the ME office? You're scared to see me is it? " Bwuahaha.. well done again .. no wonder he's a prof. he's so dexterously smart! But of course I lied again and said that I was rushing in between lessons.

Later in the evening, after my super short, inadequate nap.. I met Darren, my business partner (keke..) for dinner at Munchy's, he was shocked at how hip n happening NUS is becomin.. hehe.. GO complain to NTU la.. He said NTU's hippest joint is a lil Chinese corner run by some ol ah peh.. heh.. is it? We brought our lappies and were spose 2 transfer files and pics.. but voila!.. no thumbdrive no cable.. and his stupid power book's got no IR. Told u apple should stick to fruit farms.. But anyway, Showed him the pics of the teak, rattan furnitures, jewellery pieces, batik and some of them samples too. Like real samples not pic.. ehh.. hard copy? non-virtual.. shit.. how do u call em.. basket.. I am digressin..
Anyway.. think.. we were both pleased. avenues seem good, could be workable. Maybe end of year I can buy QuatroForte, urghh.. sian.. prolly a stupid Korean Tuscany.. I rather take cab!
Jac came by later and gosh.. was she annoying or mosquito .. slap slap!..
Giggling and parotting every sentence I said to Darren..urghh.. And there was this bunch of ppl outside the window posing for pics. Jac voluntarily posed at the background for them, pointing out to me :" Look to the camera Celly.. Smile..!" Not a surprise the bunch soon changed direction and omitted Jac from their background.. *Muax.. (to Jac)..

I got me new specs too.. red/pink plastic rimmed. Will take photo with it soon.. so excited. not today tho.. look like I got meinginegitis...dunno how to spell.. bet Ali G himself dunno.. pls lor.. he pronounce millenium as millelililum.. He stil sells. so watever..
I love the dude la.. he's the only person who can find the reasons behind so many stories told:
Like.. Why Joseph and Mary couldnt find a hotel on the eve of the Jesus' birth night?
----- It's Christmas eve yo!!...
aye.. Wicked!....

Anyway. got new mouse today, Jac's ol one.. Damn black and eeky but at least it works.. mine's lost its ballsense.. Roll here there like noone's business.. and the cursor dun move an mm..

Time to hit the hay.. else my mingeingitis is gonna get worse.. and tomorrow I gotta look good coz me gonna meet me prof (Fyp sup) , and other than my superficial good looks, I avent got anything else to show him... heuhuee ..
OOh ohh.. was reading a piece of what I wrote donkey years ago in my never-to-be-finished novel 'Gays n Glees".. Just wanna post it for fun coz I am so bo liao..
this is the part where Casey and Abdul just ended their steamy love affair :

The fan-fuckin-tastic rollercoaster trip ended after a month.
And it was the start of the Summer vacation. Abdul went away to the Maldives with his family for Summer. No phonecalls. No emails. One lousy postcard with a picture of an old fisherman with no teeth, it was signed off : Cheers, Ab.
"Cheers?" Casey yelled, " Cheers to what? Cheers my fucken frying pan!".

And the bomb was dropped. He came back a week late for school, Gay!Totally Gay! She didn’t know how to believe it, because he was such a hunk, such a lover, such a sex god. It just COULD NOT be true !!
But Abdul was as gay as can be. He didn’t get turned on by women anymore. Not even when she did a lap dance for him, a power BJ, or hyper-drive HJ.

Nope. Nothing. Nil. Dead.
He told her he was glad he's realized his true self, before it was too late. Casey wished he were a few hundred years late.

Abdul had a boyfriend a week later. Apparently, it was some guy he met in the Maldives and was the very guy who had rightfully and oh-so-timely enlightened him. His name was Paul. Paul was short and stocky, he had gaps in between all his teeth. Some were so huge that he looked like he ate a piano keyboard.
He was so white he could be an albino, looked like the Maldives hadn’t done him much justice. He was so gay he could shame any of the lady-boys in Thailand. And he always smelled of cheese. Not the nice and fat Brie ones, but the yucky musty, cheap, mouldy, blue cheese.
If they thought melanin causes body odour, well they thought wrong, because Paul was one fertile producer of the cells that causes the most pungent funky odors. That plus a whiny voice, So annoyingly whiny that you’d wish the voice has a materialized form so that you can slap it silly.

But Abdul loved him. Abdul talked about him day and night always ever so fondly, telling how amazing Paul is, that he is more than meets the eye.
Caz had been crying three days three nights, cries of shock, horror and disbelief. But Abdul reciprocated neither appropriately nor courteously.
He was persistent he was gay and that Paul is the one. Caz tried reminding him of our hot love makings, of all the sizzling affairs, the lazy Sundays and weekend rendezvouz. And Abdul would only snort, stressing that he doesn’t believe in the past, he only believes in the future, just like Paul.
Paul, Paul, Paul. Every of his sentences must have a Paul in it. Paul this Paul that. Before she knew it, she hated Paul. She hated him so much that she refused to ever look at him in the eye. She hate anything that starts with P and ends with an L. And that'd be Paul, Paul and Paul.
Months have gone by and things stayed the same, Abdul was still gay, Paul was still his. (The only thing that changed was me. I gained 15 kilograms).

Me have absolutely none watsoever against gays tho.. They're such lovely people.. I've made friends with some and they're how sweet and hilarious! .....

Anyway... yeah.. really really time to sleep.. please slap me if i blog again tonite...SLEEP MARCELLY SLEEPPP> U R SO BO LIAOOOOOOO


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